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Contemporary Jewelry For The Indian Bride
As fashion gets sassier, and choices more refined, the brides are resting their jewellery-hunt on the best of contemporary. A stark shift from the house of gold and diamonds, the new styles are now ablaze with pearls, antique silver, stones and rare gemstones.

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Firdaus- A Paradise Regained
Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin astÖ

That time of the year when the silken trail of the Jhelum turns frosty to the touch.

The red, orange and brown Chinar leaves turn brittle and fall, laying the bare the branches that wait for a blanket of snow. The lotus turns a late bloomer, but is a luscious shade of pink.

Welcome winter with Firdaus, our collection of rich, hand painted and bejewelled jewelry from Studio Voylla. Think of vibrant shades...
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5 Steals From EOSS
Festivity is in the air, and so is a lot of glitter and glamor. From extravagant weddings to parties, we are pretty sure you are booked till the 31st, right? While you soak in the fun and enjoy the many splendors that the winter season has to offer, donít forget to fill in your jewelry box with 10 of the hottest picks from the end of season sale at Voylla....
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New Year Party- Must Have Accessories
The new year brings the promise of new beginnings and new resolutions. But before you get into that retrospective mode, itís time to bid adieu to the year 2017 in style and welcome 2018 with panache. While your best outfit might be ready for the day (or rather, the night), you also need the best party accessories for the New Yearís Eve. Guys donít have it any easier when it comes to perfecting the party look with menís accessories. ...
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Sparkle At Work Like A Boss
Dressing for work can be tricky, especially for women who have a thing for experimenting with their corporate look. Now once that is sorted, accessorizing your formal attire can get even trickier! Nailing the right amalgamation of an outfit and complementing jewelry, is undoubtedly an art. And not all can master that....
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Genius Jewelry Care Hacks Every Woman Should Know
I have enough jewelry.Ē Ė said no woman ever! Indeed, bling will never be out of a fashion-obsessed womanís wish list. She may have boxes packed with all sorts of jewelry pieces, but the moment she sees a pretty necklace or an exquisite pair of earrings, the world knows that no one can stop her from owning that....
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5 Jewelry Pieces To Gift This Christmas
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Jewelry Fit For A Queen!
Bright colors, long flowy shararas, dupattas, and more! Everything regal, and everything divine is what the Mughal bride is all about. Simple? No! Extravagant? A big, resounding YES. While clothes play an important role for the Mughal inspired bride, jewelry is a defining factor, that truly seals the deal in the brightest, most beautiful way. ...
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Think Jewelry, Think Voylla
What started off as an e-commerce experiment, has grown to become one of the most popular imitation jewelry brands in India. Think jewelry, think Voylla. Think amazing craftsmanship, think Voylla again!

Birthdays, anniversaries, dates and so many more! The list is endless when it comes to jotting down the special days in our customersí lives. Regardless of what or where they may celebrate, buying something from Voylla has always played a pivotal part in the merrymaking.

What ma...
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