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Jesus Tattoos
Featuring Jesus tattoos depicting Jesus Christ and cross tattoos. Helping Christians find their perfect Jesus tattoo....
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Truly For Jesus - partner blog with direct link
Truly For Jesus is a Christian blog with the hope of supplying knowledge to those seeking for the truth. "For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth" (2 Corinthians 13:8). In other words, Truly For Jesus is a blog dedicated to proclaiming God's word! ...
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End-Times-Truth - Hardcore Bible Teaching for 2009
End-Times-Truth, a powerful look into the future of our world through the eyes of a Christian who is motivated by bringing God's honest truth to the children of God....
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The Place For Sharing Jesus Love
the place to share Jesus Love to All People...
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Turn Back To God
Tons of christian wallapapers for free here for download...
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Jesus, the Revolution & You
'Jesus, the Revolution & You’ presents Revolutionary War history, the Founding Fathers, and the stories of some who came before…alternating our stunning, monumental past with thoughts and articles about history-in-the-making today & in times past, the Scriptures and how, sometimes, they are all related.

It is not too late to rekindle the Founders’ vision.
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His Glory Blog
Christian Inspiration, Knowledge of God, Focus on Jesus, Bible Study, Give God All Glory...
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