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Business Intelligence Trends in 2017.
The dependency on the IT with these enhancements will grow enormously, and with this growth, companies would need additional Data silos. The need to collect and maintain this huge chunk of data will rise and so will the necessity for finding the companies offering reliable business intelligence services. Companies nowadays should pull up their socks and match with speed of the digitalization happening across the industry verticals. ...
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Business Intelligence Services is a platform that provides Business Intelligence Consulting, Business Intelligence Dashboard, Business Intelligence Services and Business Intelligence Social Media.
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Pentaho Business Intelligence services
Pentaho has come up with ideal business intelligence services where the retailers can manage their operations, marketing, merchandising, supply chain, and finance through a single dashboard. This creates a major impact as the Pentaho Business Intelligence ensures that all the vital segments of the retail business work well together....
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Mobile Business Intelligence Solutions
The introduction of Mobile Business Intelligence Solutions has indeed brought a revolution in the way people work and the way they make decisions. Now, you donít need to sit for long hours in your office or maybe use your laptop table in your rooms if you need a critical information at odd hours from your day. Mobile BI lets you filter, sort, manage and make an important decision even if you are shopping at the mall or waiting at the airport to catch your next flight....
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Selekt is an intelligent assistant for product discovery. It can interact, understand and guide customers in selecting products that suit their needs, making it the first of its kind shopping assistant in India. It uses a chat interface for interactions. The unique feature of the product is that the interactions can be both human-like as well as technical in nature....
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Escalating Sales Through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
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Tableau Business Intelligence
Every BI tool is into reporting, analytics, forecasting etc. But Tableau Business Intelligence offers a unique set of Data Visualization feature with it.
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Tableau business intelligence
For those who are new to tableau business intelligence, it is basically an extremely innovative and visually embarking data visualization software. It allows a super-instant insight of everything required by processing and transforming all the available data into an attractive graphical format and display it on a single dashboard. This process, with the help of Tableau business intelligence, takes only a few instances unlike months that we might take to extract in its absence. ...
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How Company Business Intelligence Data Can Help Grow Your Business
Success in business essentially depends upon three Aís: access, analysis, and action. Access to relevant data is the first requisite of any business. Analyzing the data enables you to strategize your moves. You need to take appropriate action based on your data analysis so as to remain competitive and productive. The common factor in this whole process is data. When you are in possession of company business intelligence data, you can derive immense value from it to accelerate your business prosp...
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Dietary Business Intelligence
Dietary Business Intelligence Is global commercial information and business intelligence portal specifically designed and developed for Dietary Supplements Industry.
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