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NOT Guru
The NOT Guru doesn't pretend to be an Internet marketing expert. Instead, the blog features practical PC and Internet tips, as well as commentary about life in general. Comments are welcome....
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Ayurveda is best treatment instead of Kidney Transplant
Kidney is an excretory bean shaped organ that filters out waste products from the blood and harmful substance such as urea is eliminated from the body in the form of urine.It helps in the purification of blood,produces harmones that regulates blood pressure....
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10 Reasons why you should rent instead of buying
10 Reasons why you should rent instead of buying.
The blog will give you enough reason to rent and remove any dilemma whether to rent or buy....
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Way to set up yahoo account key instead of password
Setting up Yahoo account key takes few steps and you just need to go through the below-mentioned guidelines:

In the beginning, you need to go to the Yahoo Account security page.
After that hit or tap See how it works.
Then you need to choose your device and app to get notified.
And you have to tap on Send me a notification.
Now, on your mobile device, just tap the Approve icon.
Lastly, tap Always use Yahoo Account Key option.
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Why should you Rent a laptop in Dubai instead of buying it?
Are you confusing to lease laptops in Dubai instead of buying it? Then find a list of reasons here for why should you rent a laptop instead of buying one from Dubai Laptop Rental
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