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SITM: Unlocking your potential as the industry ready professional!
When the telephone was invited, Graham Bell gave birth to an industry that would redefine the very nature of communications. What started with a simple telephone has grown to include several mediums of communication like The internet, SMS and tons of other options. In fact, today communication has evolved into a major industry. This industry is in need of well trained professionals who are able to take up the challenging roles of a manager. The regular MBA course is enough if you want to underst...
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International Exhibition On Logistics Industry
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Lucintel Estimates Unsaturated Polyester Resin Market in Indian Composites Industry to Grow at a CAG
Unsaturated polyester resin are used for a variety of applications such as, pipe & tanks, construction, transportation, electrical and electronics, and marine, in the Indian composites industry. The unsaturated polyester resin market in the Indian composites industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.6% during 2013-2018. The pipe and tanks segment will remain the largest end user industry for the unsaturated polyester resin market in the Indian composites industry during the forecast period. K...
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Donald Trumpís Journey in Brief: Real Estate Mogul to Presidential Candidate
From Controversial Developer to Controversial Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trumpís journey in brief
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Seed Industry in Ukraine is expected to Reach USD 500 million by 2018
Ukraine seed market research report provides statistics on the production volume and market revenue of winter and spring seeds, vegetable and non-vegetable seeds, rapeseed, sunflower and cord seed market along with market share analysis....
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Lucintel Anticipates the Agrochemicals Industry to Grow at a CAGR of 3.2% over the Next Five Years
The increasing demand for food and growing awareness associated with the benefits of fertilizers and pesticides in crop production are the major driving forces of the industry. The use of the latest technologies to increase farm production and increasing government investments in agriculture to increase crop yields provide huge opportunities to this market. The fertilizers segment will remain the largest segment in the agrochemicals industry during the forecast period.
The global agrochemic...
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Use of Nanotechnology in Cosmetics Industry
In several cosmetics products, nanotechnology and nanomaterials are used. These include hair care products, sunscreen and moisturisers....
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Lucintel Estimates the Global Linear Low Density Polyethylene Market to Reach $41.1 Billion by 2017
Linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) is extensively used in applications, such as food packaging, non-food packaging, closures, heavy-duty sacks, agriculture, and industrial films. It has higher tensile strength and superior impact and puncture resistance, which are ideally suited for packaging applications, such as heavy-duty snacks, food packaging, medical packaging, and other non-packaging applications, like jacketing in wire and cables and synthetic grass. The Asia Pacific region is expec...
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Importance of Ultrasound in the healthcare industry!
Ultrasound is sound or an acoustic energy in the form of waves that holds a frequency that is beyond the human hearing range. Ultrasound is mostly used in health industries to examine the internal body organs. Moreover, it helps to take images of an unborn child.There are number of healthcare centers that provide Ultrasound services in Farmingville.
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Lucintelís PESTLE Analysis of Vietnam 2016
The Vietnamese economy is dominated by the service sector, which contributed approximately 49.3% to the total GDP in 2015. Industrial sector contributes 33.6% of GDP, in which the manufacturing contributes 13.8% of GDP. The government reform for the economic restructuring are mainly focused on public investment, State economic corporations, State Commercial banks and credit organizations. A strong total consumption caused by an increase in household consumption and government spending is expect...
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