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HypNLP - Learn Hypnosis & NLP
Join me on my journey in learning hypnosis and NLP....
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hypnosis tips
How to Hypnotize Someone in several different ways...
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Omega 3
We hear a lot about omega 3 these days but there is quite a bit of misunderstanding and misleading information about omega 3.
Omega 3 is produced by bacteria in the sea and as fish eat the bacteria they become a source of omega 3. There are very few plants that have omega 3 and if so it is such small quantities that they cannot be regarded as a source of omega 3....
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Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy - Los Angeles
This is the weblog for the Hypnotherapy Practice of Brian Green, certified Hypnotherapist and certified Chemical Dependency Counselor. (C.H.T., C.D.S)., who was formerly the Senior Staff Therapist at the Hypnosis Training Institute, Glendale. Dual Diagnosis Counselor, Case Manager, etc. Psychiatric Hospitals and other Institutions. Currently and formerly a member of many national and international professional hypnosis and hypnotherapy organizations. I can help heal or resolve most issues, most ...
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Can You Influence People With Hypnosis?
Do you know that we all use hypnotic language in our everyday lives and it affects what we hear, feel and see?

Sometimes seen as a dark and sinister art, a magical power, or as something only heavyweight linguists can get to grips with, hypnotic language is actually very straightforward. By definition, hypnotic language is designed to produce a hypnotic trance. Since trance is simply a highly focused state of attention, hypnotic language is a language which focuses on one’s attention a...
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