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Help for Upside Down Mortgage Owners
California’s Premier Short Sale Experts

The Premier Group for Troubled Homeowners – Short Sales , Loan Modifications, And Wrongful Foreclosure Litigation!
Friendly, Statewide, Knowledgeable

UpsideDownCa was founded by Attorney Ted A. Greene to provide qualified underwater homeowners the best in short sale representation. Back in 2007 he was in a prime position to reach out and help underwater homeowners. And since then he has helped hundreds of homeowners who don’t qui...
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Property Fresh Articles
Appreciable articles will guide you if you decide to buy or sell real estate. This site is for everyone who own any property, also here is information about home listings and foreclosure....
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Safe Insurance Ideas
Would you like to know which company is the safest insurance company that fits every moment of homeowning - Check It Out Here...
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Your Neighbor’s Strange Pet - The GreatFlorida Insurance Blog
Keeping an exotic animal as a pet can pose a threat to your family and neighbors. Florida requires exotic pet owners to carry liability insurance for their animal. GreatFlorida Insurance provides umbrella insurance and homeowners insurance policies to insure the pets and pet owners. Contact GreatFlorida Insurance if you have questions about homeowners insurance, renters insurance or umbrella insurance. We will make sure you and your pet are covered....
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Citizens Property Insurance Board of Governors signs off on possible rate hikes
Due to the costly water damage claims, the Citizens Property Insurance Board of Governors have approved a proposed 6.8% statewide rate increase.
The new approved rates will have numerous effects on customers who have Citizens Property Insurance as their carrier and will likely see premiums to go up by 6.8% while others might see smaller increases. However, state regulators will have the final verdict of whether to approve the proposed rate increase or not and could take as early as 2017.
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Tools - Equipment - DIY | Essential Tools for DIYers and Homeowners
Find Quality of We've put together an essential homeowner's tool kit for everything Whether you are leveling the feet of a tools and devices are superstars...
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3 Things Homeowners Should Know About Their Plumbing
Gifford Anderson Plumbing, the best plumbers in Sonoma County, discuss 3 important things that homeowners should know about their plumbing. Find out what they are!...
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Residential Cleaning In Western Kentucky For All Homeowners
You may care for your home in the best way possible to ensure that you have a place to clean and wash everything you own. This article explains how a cleaning service will help the home remain in the finest shape, and there are many people who will benefit from the service when they have issues with keeping the house clean....
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The Benefits of Installing a Home Solar Panel System for Santa Rosa Homeowners
Many homeowners across Santa Rosa are now seeking out alternative sources of energy for their property. But before adding the latest system to the home, it’s important to know more on the benefits these systems can bring to homeowners throughout the region. And so, in this latest post, we’ll highlight home solar panel system...
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Blog for tradesmen, homeowners and construction firms in the UK
The “Bag a Builder” blog is repository of tips, trends, ideas and inspiration for tradesmen, homeowners and construction firms in the UK. The intent is to help improve the life, career and business of everyone concerned....
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