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Set Designers
Our Digital Design Studio is based in Dallas, Texas.Our team of experience and talented Hair Stylists, Hairdressers and Cosmetologists, offer professional advice and training with Haircuts, Hair Styling, Hair Color,Hair Highlights, Hair Extensions, Blowouts, Hair Straightening and the list goes on.

Set Designers is rated as the Best Hair Team in Dallas! Our experience and talented group of beauty professionals at Set Designers are among the most qualified in the fashion industry. We o...
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Latest Football Highlights - partner blog with direct link
Latest football news and highlights of the leading European leagues...
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Latest Football Video Highlights
Watch the latest football (soccer) video highlights from around the World, including the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Uefa Champions League and many more....
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Product Leaders forum 2015 – Conference Highlights
Q2 or we say midyear is the time for most of the conferences to cast their shadow on trending technologies which are buzzing across the globe. It was a Friday afternoon and I was all set to attend the Product Leaders Forum 2015 happening in Hyatt Conference hall, Pune. The Product Leaders Forum, 2015 turned out to be an incredible experience which I will take ahead in my professional career here at Harbinger Systems. I along with my colleague, Prashant Sachdev, attended this event.
The Produ...
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Apps World North America 2015 – Conference Highlights
Bay Area always has a fascinating story to tell when it comes to technology. Plenty of companies in the sector, whether big or startup, technology runs on the street. People here like to engage in discussion and get insights from any source available and this is the best part for a country which thrives on innovation.
Recently, I attended the Apps World North America conference in San Francisco. Apps World is known as the top conference in the space of Mobility, IoT, and Big Data. This expo ...
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Apple WWDC – 2015, Highlights and Much More Part 2
The day had a cold start, I had to quickly run to the station or else I would have missed my train to the Moscone Center. In my previous blog, I had shared updates regarding MAC OSX 10, iOS 9, XCode 7, Apple Watch, Core Foundation changes, Swift 2, Testing and Cocoa. Apple had executed both the days of the conference on schedule, no errors, smooth planning.
In this blog, I would mainly cover the sessions which took place on day 3 and 4 of the Apple WWDC, 2015. Topics of these sessions includ...
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Apple WWDC – 2015, Highlights and Much More
It had happened 25 times before; it was the 26th time where Apple once again created history. Before I begin with an extensive review of the 2015 Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), let’s review some numbers. The 2015 conference was attended by more than 10,000+ attendees from over 70 countries in the Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA. WWDC 2015 featured 100 mind-boggling sessions conducted in 150 labs nested in the arena. Enough of statistics, let’s move on to the conference highlight...
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‘Art of Storyboarding’ Webinar – Highlights
Team Raptivity recently hosted a successful webinar on ‘The Art of Storyboarding’ by Desiree Pinder - Executive Director/Founder of Artisan E-Learning. Desiree answered some fundamental questions on storyboarding, through this webinar, such as: what is a storyboard, why create one, and how to build and show content in a storyboard.

Here are some key takeaways from the session:

· Storyboard is crucial when working with others to create an eLearning course e.g. Subject Ma...
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Extending LRSs and the xAPI for Event-driven Blended and Adaptive Learning” – Highlights from the Fo
View the FocusOn Learning conference highlights and learn more on how to implement LRSs and xAPI for Event-driven Blended and Adaptive Learning....
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Harbinger Systems at the SHRM Annual Conference and Expo 2016 – The ‘Breakthrough’ Highlights!
The dynamic nature of modern workplace environment has given rise to new age challenges for businesses and enterprises. To withstand these challenges, thrive on competition and achieve business objectives in a cost-effective manner, organizations need to develop the targeted HR strategies and implement cutting-edge tools and solutions for successful HR practices

Over 1500 Human Resource professionals collaborated at the SHRM Annual Conference and Expo 2016, held in the capital city Wash...
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