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HeadMania - Audiophile and Proud
I think that we are visual “animals”, so we appreciate high quality video/images more. This is why some times the hearing / audio and some of the hobbies related to it are treated with less importance.

My mission is to make people appreciate and understand this hobby better.

I want to share the joy that this hobby brought me, highlight the strong points of good headphones and related audio gear and why they should give them a chance!...
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ShoweringCenter - Reviews & Comparisons
A showering experience doesn't have to be boring, seriously. We put together a guide showing you a list of the best shower heads, panels, filters, and other accessories to get for your bathroom. Don't waste your money, or your time. EVER. See more by visiting
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Gear Heads Guide To Custom Automotive
Have you ever heard of Mod Heaven? Welcome to our world where automotive customization is our lifeblood and the only reason to get out of bed in the morning. Apex Customs is a full-service custom Automotive shop specializing in just about every car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle modification under the sun. We live and breath custom cars and invite you to join us on our journey through an endless feed of tips, trick, insights, and industry news on automotive customization....
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Best Shower Head
Check out reviews on the top-rated shower heads for the money. ...
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Headphone Reviews, Buying Guides, News and Updates |
We created from our love for Music and Audio Gears. Our goal here is to create unbiased reviews of Headphones, Earphones, Amps, DACs, and other headphone accessories and also creating and constantly updating Buying guides to help a novice to mid-level audiophiles to find their optimum gear. With the information from, they can go for an educated purchase and save money without spending on wrong gear.

In, a person can find reviews an...
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Share the information of headphone amplifier, hi-res audio player
I hope you will agree with me when I say,

Life is not colorful without the high quality music, or is it?

Well, there is only ONE problem. Finding that

“Suitable” headphone amplifier isn’t an easy job.

Xtenik is a blog providing the unbiased review on the

headphone amplifier, hi-res audio player, hope that

you will find the information you need on our blog. ...
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I blog about beauty and skincare. More in particularly what to do when you suffer from oily skin and blackheads!...
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sharpfocusphoto now and then
blogging site souleye photographer in dc who specializes in actors headshots, model photography and corporate headshots. posts chronicle the evolution of sharpfocus photography from the beginning to today. every post is a short narrative about a photo shoot with a model with a few details about how things went during that shoot. there are also a few photo posts showing some interesting pictures that I took along the way. ...
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headshots photographer in dc
sharpfocus is a photography studio in washington dc that specializes in headshots. if you’re looking for a professional acting headshots, corporate headshots, head shots for models, business executives or portrait photography, sharpfocus delivers a unique experience few photographers in dc can match. actors, models, corporate executives come to sharpfocus for their headshots because they get unique pictures, great value and an affordable price. you too will discover that very special attention ...
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Suedehead's Emporium - partner blog with direct link
A general blog about anything and everything....
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