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The Daily Challenge
Action oriented blog discussing habits, comfort, discomfort and encouraging action and motivation. ...
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Pay attention to any changes in the dogís sleeping habits - Posh Puppy Boutiue
A dog will go through various stages of activity and restfulness during the day, spending about 50% of its time in a sleep stage, about 30% in a restful state, and about 20% of its time in an active and fully awake state. Of its time spent sleeping, the dog is only in REM sleep for about 10% of the time. Because the dog spends less time in the deepest stage of sleep, the average dog needs more four to six hours more sleep than the average human....
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5 bad driving habits which older drivers tend to adopt
One of the ways to avoid making this mistake is to get professional behind the wheel help from an instructor so as to get into the habit of following all traffic rules....
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Five dental care habits that you must teach your child
As one of the leading dental surgeons of India, Dr. Vijay Deshmukh has tackled several complicated cases. Through the various treatments at Smilex Dental clinic, Dr. Deshmukh has successfully created a comprehensive gamut of options to take care of many types of dental problems occurring in people across age groups. This service also includes dental care for kids. However, a surprising insight that Dr. Deshmukh and his team have come across is that a lot of dental problems are actually a result ...
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05 Eating Habits to adopt this summer for a chilled out diet
School vacations, ice cream, pool parties, beach trips and mangoes. What's not to love about summer? Oh wait, there's always the searing temperatures, burning heat and dehydration dangers.
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Applying to much makeup to look younger
Its very difficult to look younger and it need lot of efforts but i have found some habits that are aging you everyday read that and avoid them i can bet you going to love the results ...
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Do you dream of success? What makes women take the first plunge? For some people excellence is not an act but a habit.

This International Women's Day, listing down a few habits that all the women need to inculcate NOW! (Kidding! We know habits take a while to develop. Give it liíl time and patience!)...
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Mobile ecommerce, peer buying, reward points, group discounts, and a lot more terms of fascination have a disruptive effect on a consumer buying a product from the seller. To find out how retailers can take an advantage of the situation or adapt to it, the study of the disruption is necessary. ...
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Secret Habits to Win A Straight-A Score in Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanical Exam
Attending a FE Mechanical review course will strengthen your knowledge base. No doubt in that tested & proven FE exam study strategy. But you need self-willed study habits that will put your learning to best use. Like these secret study habits of winners....
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Simple Tricks to Change the Eating Habits of Kids
The eating habits of kids are found to be really unhealthy these days. Most of the kids love junk food because even adults are heading towards these fast food joints as they either donít have time to cook food at home or because even they love these junk foods. Eating healthy food is one of the easiest and simplest ways to keep illnesses at bay. In this blog we have listed out 5 simple tricks to help you in your efforts to change the eating habits of your kid....
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