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Guru Talk's Alternative Medicine Blog
Guru Talk is an alternative medicine blog specialising in the use of marijuana. Here we discuss the benefits of taking marijuana for medical reasons and the science behind how it helps many people, plus we look at the rest of the market for the drug and new updates from around the world concerning laws about marijuana usage. We have plenty of specialist knowledge to share about the plants and seeds used to grow marijuana too....
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credit repair guru
When you apply for any type of credit, the opposite party will check one thing: your FICO score. This score will tell them all they need to know about lending you money, selling you an item on credit, or approving a loan. So if this FICO score is so important, donít you want to know how yours looks right now?

Itís super easy for your credit score to be compromised by credit bureaus. Thatís because TransUnion and Experian donít synchronize their credit scores with those of FICOóor with...
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WooGuru's blog is all about eCommerce, digital marketing, and growth hacking for startups. We write about topics like link building, how to increase your eCommerce sales, and how to get more traffic to your online store. All our articles are in-depth including at least 5,000 words. Some of them are as long as 8,000 words. Full of actionable advice and tips!

About the authors of the blog:

As an owner of a web store, we know it's tough to find time for all the things in your ...
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Kayak Guru - Best Fishing Kayak & more
Reviews and guides on kayaking. We run through all different types of kayaks to suit your needs...including the best fishing kayaks, inflatable kayaks, tandem & solo kayaks, Sit-in Kayak, Sit-on top Kayaks & much more....
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Timepassguru - partner blog with direct link is a collection of funny articles, latest events, jokes and timepass stuff...
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Communication Guru - partner blog with direct link
Communication Guru provides practical and insightful tips and insights to help you improve your communication skills - vrbal, non-verbal, written and presentation skills....
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Tech Guru
Technology , Software Tips , Gadgets , Reviews , News...
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NOT Guru
The NOT Guru doesn't pretend to be an Internet marketing expert. Instead, the blog features practical PC and Internet tips, as well as commentary about life in general. Comments are welcome....
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mobile related videos, mobile reviews, mobile articles...
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Gab With the Gurus Blog
The Gab With the Gurus Blog gives you tantalizing tidbits, enticing sound bites and updates about celebrities, bestselling authors and renowned experts, who are guests on the Gab With The Gurus Radio Show ( on Blog Talk Radio. Guests are gurus in health, fitness, social networking, relationships and the Law of Attraction. The show is hosted by Connie Bennett, journalist, certified health counselor, life coach, speaker and author of SUGAR SHOCK!
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