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Dr. Uday Salunkhe – Group Director Of Welingkar Institute Of Management
Prof Dr. Uday Salunkhe is referred to as the leader of Weschool. Uday Salunkhe has 20 years of academic experience. He is the Group Director Welingkar Institute...
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MedCrave | Onilne Journal Publishing | Open Access Publishing Group
MedCrave is that the place for developing your academic standards and creating yourself well aware of the newest analysis and development altogether the fields....
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Pacl latest news pearls group of company ltd
i share information of related latest news any company like best investment plan, oriental insurance, best investment options, pacl latest news, sahara india, real estate, credit co-operative society and many more.
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Fremont's Family Recreation & Corporate Event Center | City Beach
City Beach Fremont provides the perfect place to bring your family, celebrate your kid's birthday party, hold your corporate event or just stop in to watch the latest game....
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Redrocks Group - Builders and Developers Mangalore
The blog is about Real Estate Development, investment, Interior design ideas, Flats for sale, Luxury Villas, plots for sale, Real Estate trends, Housing ideas, Builders achievements, land sale ideas, house sale ideas, Apartment updates particular in Mangalore city....
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Facilitation ebooks and paperbacks | FacilitatrorU
There's Lots of Effective group Ebooks and paperbacks for facilitators and group leaders....
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General Properties of group–15 elements
Elements of group15 have 5 valence electrons in their valence shell. So they exhibit various oxidation state. Negative oxidation state:- These elements has 5 electrons in the valence shells and require 3 more electrons to acquire nearest noble gas configuration but gain of 3 electrons is energetically.
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Dholera SIR – Seksaria Group
Thriving the Paths to Prosperity | Dholera | Dholera SIR | Dholera Projects...
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ALiens Group | Intelligent Living
Aliens Space Station is distinguished by its highest quality construction, prime location, aesthetic appeal, functional design and optimum use of space where every apartment is a result of meticulous planning, incorporating best practices, adhering to a structured quality manual as per ISO norms and 700 quality checks- starting from incoming raw material checks to handover of the flats where you have 28 different floor plans to choose from.
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Dr. Uday Salunkhe – Group Director Of Weschool
Dr. Uday Salunkhe was appointed as Director in 1995. His passion and dedication towards education and the institute made him the Group Director at Weschool in the year 2000"...
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