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Greenerbilling Business Blog
Business management, green business, marketing, and product updates. Greenerbilling provides Micro-business owners the online software to create and send electronic PDF invoices and estimates by e-mail or download....
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Photography, fashion, music and beauty all rolled into one mad mix !...
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The Green Thread
Artwork & design tips, digitizing basics, investigation of embroidery limits, and how to get the most from your digitizer....
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Green Central Blog
Seattle-based architecture firm, providing green and sustainable architectural leadership and design solutions to the world. Committed to Green Architecture, Interiors and Sustainable Development, that enrich individuals, communities, and the planet....
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Green Career Central Bloga helps green career seekers and green career counselors prosper in the green economy.
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Green Stumbler
Green Stumbler - Green Cars and Gadgets Blog...
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My Green Treasure - partner blog with direct link
On My Green Treasure you can read daily Green News and you can find all Green Technology Treasures....
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Vidas alternativas
Ofrecemos formas de vida alternativas fuera de los estereotipos impuestos por la sociedad de consumo. Apoyamos las energ�as renovables, la agricultura ecol�gica, la inform�tica verde (GreenIT), etc. Creemos que otro mundo es posible, un mundo sostenible y amigo del medio ambiente....
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Green Building Construction services in India
Today Green Building designs have spread its wings from US to across the globe. Green Building designs are the Computer aided designs which make the proper study and scheduling of the lighting, material used, Room Space, Space, Lounge Space and completion of the project which help architectures and engineers to start and complete project on time. Green Building drafting and designs are the 2D and 3D designs designed by the professional team of engineers and architectures for compliance in the Bu...
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Preserve the Essential Qualities of Agricultural Commodities Using Green Plastic Food Storage Bags
About 5 to 10% of the total amount of agricultural commodities is lost during the storage and transportation process due the moisture and oxygen intrusion that result in pests infestation and fungal growth. So would you like to protect the colour, aroma, texture, viability and quality of your specialty grains, nuts, cocoa and green coffee beans for longer time? Here comes the alternative for you to protect your agricultural commodities against fungal growth and contamination; and that is green p...
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