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Green Communist
Innovative thought on how to save the world....
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Go Green
Go Green is a blog about eco-friendly business, with a focus on articles and tip for teachers and office workers. We write articles that help our readers become more eco-friendly in their work place....
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Keep It Green Ideas
A blog with ideas to help people make everyday choices in their efforts to keep their environment sustainable and do it with style....
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It's Eco Time
Eco friendly products, resources and information for an energy saving, cost effective, green lifestyle....
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NetGreen is an online environmental broadcast news channel. We know that life can be hectic and time is precious. With the click of a button and about two minutes of your time, you can be up to date on the environment, anytime, anywhere for free! We believe that environmental news and preservation techniques need to be fun, entertaining, and informative. NetGreen offers an alternative to nap inspiring news!...
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Green, Ecology, Recycle, Organic, Renewable and Environmentally Friendly promotes eco and green initiatives such as products, services, sciences and technologies. ...
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jasmenigma - keep up to date with the latest environmental news and information on being green! - partner blog with direct link
At jasmenigma, we care about environmental sustainability. That is why we created this blog: to share information,tips, and advice on being green and about what every person can do to help, while keeping you up to date on the latest environmental news!...
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Renewable power, green & eco-friendly life
About alternative energy, eco-friendly business, tips for living a green life with renewable energy, electric car and hybrid electric vehicle......
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Vampire Energy Loss Sucks
Vampire Energy Loss Sucks is the #1 resource for information about vampire energy loss and its associated causes. Vampire Labs has developed a solution to the growing global issue of vampire energy loss, which accounts for 20% of global energy....
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Green Somethings
The Green Somethings blog talks about green products and services from all over with special focus on India.
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