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Google Play Store or Apple App Store: Which One is The Best for App Launching?
Google Play store or Apple App store: Essential Aspects Before Making an App Launch Decision. The Google Play Store and the Apple App Store....
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Blueclays a google partner group
“Blueclays” is one of the very few google partners in the world with having google ad words certificate too. Being a google partner company it is our duty to spread the techniques and knowledge of SEO and internet marketing.
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How Can Google Analytics Help In Micro Targeting Your Audience?
Google Analytics is one of the most effective tools in determining where your audience come from, monitoring your website visitors, analyzing the data and providing an enormous information about the target group who are interested in your website content, services they are looking for, the platforms and other information details like of how they are reaching to your website....
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Is Your Website Rank First On Google ?
Being practical the most important thing you can do is the SEO of your website to improve its page ranking and even try to build up wide & massively useful content for your site that helps solving people’s need...
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What is Crawl Budget?
Crawl budget is a combination of crawl rate limit and crawl demand.

The maximum rate of fetching of a site is given the term “crawl rate”.

The parallel connections used by GoogleBot to crawl the site and the

time spent between fetches constitute the crawl rate. Read More......
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Major Differences between Article & Blog?
There are lot of confusion out there about writing a blog posts and articles. Some people use terms interchangeably, Are they really same thing?Here we are going to share lots of minute differences which need to be considered to make them differ from each other....
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Why Does Small Businesses Need Google AdWords?
Every small Business starts with a limited investment and want to get growth very fast and generate revenue easily but most of the business use old Technic to get clients like referral, email marketing, cold calls but a prospective customer is looking for your product, service, promotion, or anything from anywhere in the world, they’re likely going to search for it on Google. SEO is an effective and cost saving tool but it takes time so Google AdWords is needed for a small business so that they ...
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What’s next? Google believes machines learning is the future, says Eric Schmidt
Google has taken a serious step to get in to the cloud computing marketing and launched its machine learning platform called as Cloud Machine Learning....
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What is Accelerated Mobile Pages? How it’s work?
Google is always known for making itself better. With each growing edge Google try to be best in technology. One such initiative taken by them is Accelerated Mobile Pages. Accelerated Mobile Pages is a framework which helps to load the content faster on the mobile devices. It helps to load the pages quickly and hence it can be best advantage for stabilizing the interest of users....
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