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Global Routes Blog
Global Routes offers summer immersion programs in Central and South America, Asia, and Africa for high school students as well as internship programs for gap year and college students. ...
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Global technology, ict, web, electronics news and infos aggregator...
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Global Travel Ideas Feed
Global Travel Ideas is a website where you can find ideas for traveling around the world....
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Numsi Network Coins Are Cool
In the United States alone, the Numismatic Collector Coin Industry is already a $10 Billion Dollar market and is growing. Experts still consider it a "small cottage industry" undiscovered by the general population. However, globally it is a massive industry with over $100 Billion Dollars in sales yearly....
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Global News Online
As the name of the site suggests we are providing Global News - from truly global events that have an effect on us all, to global news in the sense of localized events from around the globe, from your own back yard to the far-flung corners of the Earth....
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Global Testing Village
Global Testing Village Blog is dedicated to the News, Tips, Tools, Information, Updates on Software Testing, Types of Testing & QA Services. Visit AppLabs, Independent Software Testing Service Company....
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So Where To From Here
The primary mission of this site is to provide timely and relevant information to those attempting become more environmentally conscious..or being Green. I started this blog with a caveat stating that I am by no stretch of the imagination a scientist or an expert on the subjects discussed in my posts. Just how little I know on about global warming and renewable energy becomes more evident each day as I explore articles written by folks who are vastly more qualified to talk about these topics, ...
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NGV Global - News for the Natural Gas Vehicle Industry
News and information for the Natural Gas Vehicle industry, updated and emailed to you direct every week. Up to date news and information ranging from Alternative Fuels, to Compressed Natural Gas to Biomethane....
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Regional Politics
Regional Politics is an independent e-journal that examines World Politics....
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Lucintelís Report Forecasts APAC to Witness Maximum Growth in Global Home Care Products Industry
The global home care products industry manufactures and sells life improvement and home cleaning products such as dishwashing products, fabric care products, toilet care products, air freshener products, and other general-purpose cleaners. The industry is expected to offer good growth opportunities and reach approximately $146 billion in annual revenue over the next five years. Asia Pacific (APAC) is estimated to experience maximum growth during that period. High economic growth, increased domes...
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