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Indian Energy Scenario – A Solar Future
On October 2nd, 2016, the birth anniversary of ‘Father of India’ Mahatma Gandhi, India inked the critical Paris Accord. As per the accord, all major countries will decide their own goals to tackle the climate crisis according to their development needs. India has set ambitious goals, balancing the need to preserve its delicate eco-system and to grow its economy which requires increased energy consumption.
As the west discovered electricity and hopped to the modern era, India is catching up ...
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Institutes help students to achieve the desired goals for their bright future
In order to ensure the students that they are capable enough to crack the entrance, various gate coaching institutes are making efforts to help out students with the different parameters and way of teaching....
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Azure App Service - The Future of IT
The idea of cloud computing and developing applications on Cloud platform is becoming very popular today in the world of information technology. Microsoft Azure is a Microsoft’s Cloud application platform. Three products i.e. Azure Website, mobile service and BizTalk Service are combined into one Azure App Service. The best quality of Azure app service is that it unites web, mobile and enterprise app on a single cloud platform. The developers have to create just one app and it can be delivered a...
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Internet Of Things Is Sure To Rule The Future
Internet of things applications are becoming viral among the young mobile guns. IoT is popular in travel, healthcare and lot more industries....
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How to Future Proof your Security System | Communication Systems Nowra
 If you check what’s available in the market, you will find there really is an expansive range of security solutions to choose from, in varying price ranges. In many ways, this wide choice makes the decision more difficult. It’s probably why many people settle for devices that have the most advanced technology.
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Revisiting 2016: Akshaya Patra’s Achievements and Future Plans
Among the various achievements of 2016, one of the biggest has been the completion of the 2 billion meals. Read as we talk about our achievements and future plans on serving mid-day meals on every school day....
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Future Scope of Nanotechnology Studies in India
There is a bright future regarding scope of nanotechnology education in India. You will get here a detailed view about the scope, colleges and job opportunities for nanotechnology courses in India....
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Future of Content Marketing
Content marketing has become the most efficient and effective way for businesses, big or small, to increase their online presence. By using articles, blog posts, pictures, video, surveys, infographics, etc. company can directly inform and engage with audiences by using content.

According to Altimeter Group, 60% of surveyed marketers said that content creation was a top need while 53% named distribution. That means it’s time for organizations to begin looking outside of their marketing t...
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Ditch These Bad Habits Before They Sabotage Your Successful Future
One fine day you suddenly wake up with a start, and the realisation dawns, how did I get to place I am at the moment. Well it is pretty easy to drift in life.
Universal Law
Without you ever realising it, the fact is your habits determine your future. It is nothing less than a universal law and you cannot avoid it at any cost. You will find that it acts as strongly as gravity in your life. To put it succinctly, you will find the sum of your present life to be deftly wrapped in the choices...
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Future Elactronic Technology
News about upcoming inventions and future technology,the bioelectric properties of trees are a natural source of energy to power electronic circuits.Future technology will allow the generation of today to live longer due to advances in medicine, use more high tech computers and electronics than we can now....
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