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Is Linux Mint the future? - CloudEgg Managed Services
The topic of this article itself sub-divides the question that whether Mint is going to break off from Ubuntu, exactly like Ubuntu break off from Debian? Or whether Mint is going to be consistent with Ubuntu and run mir? Such questions usually arise when we consider the future of Linux Mint. Though Mint is a Ö Continue reading Is Linux Mint the future?...
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Why IPTV is the future of Television?
Internet is ushering the masses into an era where mobile devices will not only facilitate easier work environment but will also cater quality entertainment. IP Television is the modern way of distributing television services over the Internet; gone are the days when traditional cable lines were popular. With a lot of people constantly travel with work purposes it is important that quality television services is provided to them at affordable prices. It is not convenient to get a cable or satelli...
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What is the Future of Mobile Commerce?
Mobile Commerce can be called as the M-Commerce which is the combination of the E-commerce and the wireless web and it is completely focusing on the online buying and selling of products and services through mobile devices. In other words, it can be simply said as Online shopping via the convenience of mobile phones and tablets.

What is the Future of Mobile Commerce?
Nowadays, there are increased mobile users and the online shopping is increasing in proportional to this. So, it is ...
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Real Estate and GST: What does the future hold?
The much awaited and debated Goods and Service Tax( GST) has been passed for implementation. Its effect seems to bring cheer and sadness together, depending on the sector you are in....
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What the future holds for the Hybrid Cloud?
Netmagic talks about the increasing preference for hybrid cloud computing and why it is the future of IT. Know more information from
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Whatís next? Google believes machines learning is the future, says Eric Schmidt
Google has taken a serious step to get in to the cloud computing marketing and launched its machine learning platform called as Cloud Machine Learning....
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Finished school with no clue about your future career?
Depending on our inclination and interests at the moment, we'd answer that we were going to be firefighters or nurses or teachers or astronauts. Truth is, seldom does your career prediction at five turn out to be what you're doing when you're 25. But itís equally true that what youíre engaged in at 25 may be totally unrelated to the job you hold when youíre 50.
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Do you think Hosur Road will be the future real estate development locality in Bangalore?
Hosur Road is upbeated in the real estate of Bangalore Market.Hosur Road will be the future real estate development locality in Bangalore due to its connectivity and infrastructure.


Construction of Peripheral road: The construction of peripheral road is ongoing which will offer an alternate route for the people who stay in the south-east and south-west sections of the city.The road will help in to reach Electronic City without having to go through the bus stretch. ...
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