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SinoPac Solutions+Services - Hedge Fund
SinoPac Solutions+Services is a comprehensive portfolio management support platform targeting small to medium size hedge funds, private equity funds, family offices and wealth  management companies....
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Plan for contingencies- Hedge Funds Services
While thinking about the post trade life cycle of your Hedge Funds, outsourcing shadow accounting has become a trade that assures automation, scalability, efficiency and customization along with increase in transparency.

In today’s complex investing environment, fund managers have to face various challenges. Shadow-accounting can be considered as an opportunity to build scalability and increase transparency. It is going to provide an access to numerous capabilities.

By presenti...
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Fire Victim Recovery Fund Help
Dolores lost all his personal belongings. His modest belongings included his clothing, a bedroom set, refrigerator, television and food for a month. ...
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The Photo Fundamentalist
photo blog by award-winning documentary photographer with an emphasis on black and white documentary, reportage, street and landscape photography. Packed with reviews, technique, inspiration, insights and tips backed by top level experience and illustrated with world class photographs....
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Crowd Funding Provides Producers A Number of Benefits
Crowd funding campaigns can provide a start up with a number of benefits apart from the strict financial gains. Some of the non-financial gains associated with crowd funding can be enumerated as profile, marketing, audience engagement, feedback, etc. A compelling project is instrumental in raising the producer’s profile and provides a boost to their reputation. The project initiators can show there is an audience and market for their project. Even if the campaign has been unsuccessful, it would ...
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Sowing Seeds Of Truth
Audio messages from the KJV Bible....
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Charity Auctions Today
Fundraising ideas for schools and non-profits that can be used to raise more money. ...
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One Plane Swing Fundamentals
The one plane or single plane golf swing helps you to get your ball going where you want it to with the most accuracy and the most power. Because of the difficulty of this swing many beginners have trouble learning the one plane swing…
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Angel Investor in India | Fundraising platform in India | Angel investment in India
Empowering agents is an online entrance permitting new companies and SMEs to interface with HNIs, Angel Investors and VCs for fundraising.Register your business or contribute today
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Golf Basics for Beginners
Beginning golfers always have concerns about becoming better at the sport so that they can drop their handicaps and play with more challenging players. Many want to play in amateur tournaments…
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