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Frugality Magazine
Tips on gaining control of your finances once for all. Provides guidance on saving money, earning more, paying off debt and achieving financial freedom....
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Northern Cheapskate
Dedicated to frugal living through coupons, freebies and money-saving tips....
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fwisp - Personal Finance Management News
fwisp: Debt, Credit Cards, Student Loans, Finance Management: News, Comments & Reviews....
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Adventures In Frugal Land
I blog about saving money, earning money and spending money from a low income point of view. Poverty is not a bad word people! I have yet to meet anyone in poverty WANTS to be there. But, it's a fact of life for many. I want to help others thrive, not just survive through poverty.
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Because I'm Cheap
Personal finance blog sharing money saving tips and tricks, budget advice, travel, recipes and more....
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Smiling At Home
Everything a frugal, low carb homesteader needs is at This includes reviews, recipes, WAH tips, articles and so much more. This site believes these things make it possible for you to become a frugal, low carb homesteader too.
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A Possible World
Trying not be part of the problem.

Simple living, veganism, frugality, transhumanism, tiny houses, zero waste, vermiculture, indoor gardening, research, lifestyle, politics...
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The Frugal CEO
Running a business is expensive! It's cool to be a Lean Business Owner. Save tons of money with tips and tricks from the Frugal CEO....
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