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Freedom to chose pension design could produce ‘bad outcome’ – ARIA post
When it comes to the provision of adequate retirement income, retirees are better served through participation in a tailor-made retirement plan than “increased freedom of choice for pension arrangements” according to a professor of pensions, writes Olaf Boschman for Investments & Pensions Europe....
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How Mr. A. K. MARS successfully went ahead to create well needed revolutionary freedom with his insp
A few years back, Mr. A. K. Mars, author of “The Hackers Code: The Great Prison Escape Project And Ways to Fly High in Life” had started writing a set of documents for his personal growth and self-freedom. A kind of liberty which will allow him to work on his own authentic voices. Back then it was a dilemma of what really can be done about the situation. He was trying to listen to his heart and mind for dreams and ideas and was writing it down on his documents. Also, he has started doing a lot o...
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Rock N Shop Freedom Sale - Best Offer on Online luxury shopping india
Rock N Shop freedom sale offer Online luxury shopping in Designer Clothing, Bags, Jewelry, Shoes, Accessories, Cosmetic, Home and Decor - Alexander McQueen,Birdwalk,Dale + Co,Celine,Dolce & Gabbana ,Deepa Gurnani,Estera, Flare Eyewear, Ikka Dukka,Jasbir Gill, Katherine Kwei....
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Evolution Of Fashion Through The Freedom Years
As India celebrates its 70 years of independence, we look at the fashion evolution across the seven decades. From the fiercely nationalistic era of the 40s to the cellphone toting millennial today, fashion in India has undergone a revolution of sorts....
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