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Helping you write fiction every day....
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Leif G.S. Notae - Writing More with Less
This blog is for my creations of micro-fiction, short short stories, flash fiction, short stories and serialized fiction. I deal with most fantasy and some sci fi, I also write for tips on inspiration and how to create for stories....
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Facts Fiction
Everything has a point of view. I prefer a positive one! ...
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Thanks for visiting my Official Website. I am the Author of The Heroes of Nightingale and the soon to be Book Two, Obsession in Nightingale. Stay up to date for details and exclusives.
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Only the Best Sci-Fi-Fantasy
A resource to help you find the best Science Fiction and Fantasy books out there. Don't waste hours combing the bookstore, enjoy the Pick of the Week, or work your way through the TOP 10 Best Science Fiction and Fantasy books of all time!...
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Crypto American
Horror author Brian C. Anderson's official website and blog....
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Short Circuits
A Southerners ramblings & perspectives, nothing earth shattering
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invisible impressions
Blog on fictional works. Poetry, stories, articles, etc.....
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Christian adventure books
There are several Christian adventure books which penetrates the mind of the readers offering them a basic idea on Bible and invoke love for GOD and his creation....
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A Woman's Castle
A woman's home is her castle. Musings about life and the pursuit of spiritual, emotional and physical replenishment from my little castle. Topics are personal and encompass everything from movies, how to make a vision board, how to make more time for yourself, etc. ...
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