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Truck Accident Lawyer Blog.
Discusses various legal issues involved in truck accidents as well as updates on related federal regulations in Tennessee and all over the country. Published by Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz.
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For some first-time offenders, it is shocking to learn that there is no parole in the federal prison system. With the exception of a small reduction for good behavior (a “good time credit”), the sentence you receive in federal court is the sentence you will serve. Unless your sentence or conviction is overturned, the only means by which you can reduce your sentence in the federal system is through a Rule 35(b) motion.

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Understanding Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR 31) audit and Far Overhead Rate Calculation
Falling prey to the economic downturn, it’s quite trending amongst several engineering and architectural firms to seek out majorly for government contracts in comparison to other development projects. This trend has mandated these firms to have their overhead rate calculated in compliance with the FAR(Federal Acquisition Regulation). More concerned about the profitability, that government contract promises, the firms are lesser acknowledged and thoughtful about the FAR audit’s requirements. Late...
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