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Sharing Experiments
Driven by passion, I share my experiments around universal web applications (webapps), advanced HTML based UI, touch tables and other large displays, virtual reality and mixed reality, multi-devices applications, and much more.
I also talk about the creation of the EXOPC and the EXOdesk, as well as technology in education....
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El hacer, el experimentar y el observar de la foto
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The Blog Experiment - partner blog with direct link
My blog is your blog! Free - Anonymous - Post Anything You Want. Come give it a try....
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The Cairo Experiment
Exciting? Exquisite? Exotic? Excruciating? However you want to describe it, it all depends on which angle you view it from. The Cairo Experiment delves into the bowels of one of the oldest and most diverse cities in the world from the eyes of an inconspicuous observer....
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Science Experiments
Science Experiments, Birthday Party Theme and Games For Kids are services we offer at Crazy Lab with which kids can learn new science facts in fun and frolic ways.
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SMS VISEO – Discount link Experiment Hakeing jokes News Photo Security Sms Tips Video
SMS VISEO – Discount link Experiment Hakeing jokes News Photo Security Sms Tips Video...
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Guys experiment virtual tutoring methods at
Guys, are you interested in virtual tutoring methods and virtual tutoring jobs? Just sign up with You may be a student, a scholar, a retired person, a teacher or any person with skills and spare time.You can tutor online, hassle-free from the comfort of your home during you spare time 24/7. You can follow inspire model of tutoring with us. You can provide home work help to the students from all over the world and earn while you learn. ...
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Experimentation congealer
CTV Cameras,Array Camera,Auto iris Camera,IP Camera,IR Camera,Long Distance Camera Speed Dome/ PTZ Camera Vandal Proof Camera Zoom Camera
Laboratory instruments,Electronic Balance,Centrifuge,Hydrothermal synthesis reactor, Electric resistance furnaces, Shaking incubator, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine, Rotary vane vacuum, Water circulating vacuum pump, Lab melting furnace, Nitrogen analyzer, Low temperature cooling liquid, Water/oil bath pot, Clean Bench, Infrared heat sterilizer, Magnetic stir...
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Raster Studio - Sharing experiments
Sharing experiments about virtual reality, web apps, touch tables, classroom collaboration and much more....
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16th International Conference on Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology
We cordially invites you to participate at the 16th International Conference on Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology (CME+CPD accredited) to be held during September 18-20, 2017 at Zurich, Switzerland. The theme of the conference is “Accelerating the science of eye” which highlights the significance of vision and also explores the spectrum of latest technological developments in the field of Ophthalmology....
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