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Audi lets lawmakers experience self-driving car
Thursday morning a sleek A7 “driverless” prototype nicknamed Jack was driving towards the capital.

“Not quite ‘The Jetsons,’ yet, but almost like KITT,” said Del. Ronald A. Villanueva, R-Virginia Beach, chairman of the House Transportation Committee, referring to the talking, self-operating Pontiac Trans Am driven by David Hasselhoff in the 1980s TV show “Knight Rider.” “It needs more cup holders, though.”
Several bills dealing with autonomous vehicles were introduced this sess...
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Get the pure float experience in floatation tank in Seattle
Floatation tank in Seattle serves the great purpose for those who really want to enjoy some time in peace. It is the ultimate option to experience relaxation in dark, calm and cool environment inside the isolation tanks. They give you chance to get relief from stress or anxiety or to have real pleasure of life....
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GeekForce | Experience The Power Of The Geek!
Youve taken your first step into a larger world.. Ive always loved movies. In 1978, when I was four years old, my parents took me to see Star Wars at a cinema in Paignton, Devon and I was hooked....
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Experience The Best Elo Boosting Services in league of legends
At BoostRoyal the client comes first so the ELO booster must fulfil every one of his needs. When he is asked stop boosting he must stop even if it ruins his timetable for that day or maybe for his whole week. ELO boosters must be also patient with their clients. Patience is important since many of the users at BoostRoyal are first customers which makes them mistrustful in some cases or uncomfortable. The ELO booster’s duty to make the client comfortable and to make them feel safe while someone e...
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Factors to chew over for Transition of Web Experience to Native App
As per Google and Apple, there are some 1.4 billion active Android and 1 billion active iOS users worldwide respectively. With such pace, it stands to reason that mobile apps are outpacing websites and web apps. ...
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Thailand Company Registration - more than 20 years experience of Thai Law‎
A corporate lawyer in Thailand with a depth of experience can assist in setting up and registering Thai and Amity treaty companies. Our legal counsel and business consultants are strong in business and conflict resolution experience. Let's professional Thai business lawyer in Bangkok help you by call us (66)2 693-2036 or, for more detail :
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Experience pure love with Taj Mahal tour by GreenchiliHolidays
Finding the perfect tour operator is very important when you opt for Taj Mahal tour. Make sure of conducting the right research in the best manner....
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Top seo services plans provider experience based company in Arizona
SEO is the search engine optimization, our company is experience based, we provide top seo service at plans company and agency in Arizona, Usa....
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User Experience Design Studio Blog
User Experience Design- News, Thoughts, Events and articles at Beon Systems...
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CloudCherry Blog | Cloudcherry - Customer Experience Management and Feedback Software
We cannot overstate the importance of following a meticulous plan when it comes to creating a feedback survey. An engaging feedback survey targeting the right audience will fetch you valuable customer insight. Using this, you can action changes to your existing customer experience strategy that will eventually improve the quality of your product/service. That said, … Continue reading 3 things on your to-do WHILE creating a feedback survey...
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