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Webcredible - User experience blog
Read day-to-day thoughts on Webcredible, user experience and the digital sector....
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The Ruffy - Get The Best Out of Your Web Experience
The is the online ego and personality of Ruffy Heredia, a self-proclaimed web geek and programming junkie from Cebu. For a good number of years now, he has dived into different areas that concern a chair, some electricity, a board of letters, a screen, and maybe even a device named after the number one fan of cheese. HTML/CSS, PHP, MySQL, and the occasional frameworks are what best suit this guy, as he does freelance work every now and then. Don't get him wrong, though - he loves to ta...
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Florence Travel Guide
Florence guide is a community where bloggers talk about their travel experiences in the city of Florence, with tips on where to eat, where to stay and what to visit....
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Skeptiko - Science at the Tipping Point is the #1 podcast covering the science of human consciousness. We cover: Near-death experience science, Parapsychology, Consciousness research, Spirituality, and Skepticism....
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Experience Today the Healing and Nourishing Properties of Dragonís Blood (Sangre de Drago)
The Amazon rainforest is the home to Sangre de Drago tree. The tree is known to ooze red sap that most people would commonly refer to as dragonís blood. The extract has been in use for many years by the native around Amazon until it was commercialized recently...
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Infographic: Mobile UX Ė Doing It The Right Way
Mobile web usage has surpassed desktop. This inclination towards mobiles is mainly because of the instant availability of the information with a single tap and that too on the go.
One of the most common mistakes firms do, is to presume that users would be navigating through your app, or mobile site in the same manner as they do with a desktop. Simply having an app or a mobile web site should not be your Mobile First Strategy. Providing a good mobile user experience (UX) is indispensable in t...
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Lucintel Forecasts the Chinese FRP Pipe Industry to Experience Good Growth during 2013-2018
The Chinese FRP pipe industry is expected to realize good growth both by value and volume and reach an estimated $1,290.8 million by 2018. FRP pipe material shipments, by definition, account for all materials used in the process, including resins and reinforcements. Fiber reinforced plastics continue to increasingly find their way into more applications for storing or transporting corrosive materials, which point to future potential for significant growth of FRP pipes.
Lucintel, a leading gl...
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Practical Guide to Kitchen Composting, Experiences, Concepts & Simple Tips.
Global and local environmental matters. Blog main focus is in life itself, going back to basics approach. All ideas, journeys to be describe are part of giving back to community and earth....
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Best Online High Schools Give Surety That You Experience The Best
Education is the answer to lots of opportunities. This declaration is factual in fact, in many ways as the world has become basically aggressive in numerous ways. For example, the majority of the individuals in the previous times could without difficulty get employments. Of course, much has been altered these days since corporate sector necessitate good education before presenting top positions to lots of persons. The reality is that unless candidates can establish that they have the demanded se...
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Escencia Experiences
Escencia Experiences Blog - Bespoke Cuban Holidays For The Discerning Traveller. ...
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