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European Parliamentarians
Blog Detail > Category: Business > Hits: 7 > Date Added: 15-11-2017 - Handcrafted with love in Europe
Small artisan workshop located in Romania, Europe. Our motto is: Handcrafted with love in Romania!
We craft unique home decoration items and perfect gift ideas: pebble art, wall frames, home decoration, holiday decoration, wood decoration, stone decoration handmade items. Special handmade items for your home.
We also craft paper cards for any occasion: handmade birthday cards, holiday cards, Christmas cards, invitation or any type of handcrafted stationery items....
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Camp Royale- Your Royal Signature
If you are wondering about this decorative design that has inspired the Camp Royale collection, let us give you the story. This is a stylised lily that has been used by European monarchies for centuries, on their coats of arms and other royal signatures. But most importantly, it has been adopted by the French and Spanish Monarchies symbolizing pride, honors, power, and so on. One little flower and such a grand piece of history aren’t it? So every time you wear a pendant, a ring or a bracelet fr...
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how to send diwali faral to USA,UK,Europe?
Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, RakshaBandhan are one of the biggest dates in the festival calendar of every religious Hindu. There are a number of places around the World, where the migrated Indian communities gather together to celebrate these Festivals. Basically they receive Parcels like Gifts on various occasions, Diwali Faral, Goods like Makhar, Lantern, Ganpati idols from their loved ones residing in India.
As being one of the Best international courier service in Pune and India, Unique Air...
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Can a Call Center in Europe Be Outsourced?
European call center company that has proven results in being the ultimate direct response and multilingual call center that excels the clients’ needs.
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Top 3 reasons why you should only deploy the Best Automation Testing Service Provider in Europe?
Prova is the best Automation Testing Services provider for Europe for 10+ years which efficiently increases productivity and revenue for all industries verticals.

Prova has been the best Automation Testing Services provider for Europe for 10+ years which efficiently helps deliver bug free softwares and provide better customer experience.Automation testing shortens development cycles, avoid burdensome repetitive tasks and help improve software quality.

We have undertaken 300+ s...
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