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enthusiasts tags blogs - The Online Magazine for Italian and French Classic Car Enthusiasts is a high quality online periodical catering to Italian and French automobile enthusiasts. Launched in 2001, VeloceToday has been published every week for over ten years. VeloceToday is sent out to our subscribers every Wednesday.

Our articles are written by subject matter experts around the world, exclusively for VeloceToday. Most of our contributors have or still do write for the traditional automotive press or have published books to their credit. You can trust Velo...
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Top Five Tourist Destinations in Brazil for Britain Travel Enthusiasts
Brazil is one of the most beautiful countries in South America and is the fifth largest country of the world. It has incredible coastlines which are stretched of about 7500 km across the country. ...
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Automobile maintenance for all self-driving travel enthusiasts gets the gear and keeps moving.
The market of self-driven cars was non-existent few years back. But, as the years are passing, there is a tremendous advancement in this market attracting several companies to bring new ideas and thus increasing competition. To keep the self-driving cheerful and pocket-friendly it is necessary to have a consistent preventive maintenance. Yet, not everyone decides on which preventive maintenance, what one must do, and when it should be done.

BrainGroom, being the master of all trades pr...
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