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Perfect Cut Diamond
Perfect Cut Diamond is a perfect jewelry blog that provides information about diamond jewelry for special moments of life such as wedding, engagement and some other....
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Faith is Forever
Find diamond jewelry related blogs & articles by Faith is Forever, a well known jewelry blog that provides informative tips, tricks and guidance about diamond jewelry.
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Inspirationn Jewelry
Inspirationn Jewelry Blog is an interesting blog providing idea's on diamond engagament rings and other jewelries regarding its selection, types, affordability, etc.
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Ways to Boost Engagement as Ecommerce Shifts to Mobile
Mobile has been the main means of communication. But as time goes on, itís also become the main way people spend money, especially on ecommerce apps. ...
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Meet the FinTech Challenge with Real Time Engagement Tools
A company, business and any organization of this sort has its success dependent on the people it deals with. If the people arenít happy with the organization, it is bound to fail. Organizations that operate on the basis of FinTech (financial technology) face challenges that can make the process of pleasing their clients more difficult than it already is....
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Customer Engagement and Social Media are Paramount for B2B Marketers
B2B marketers have to change their belief about social media and view it as a vital tool, which allows brands to connect with customers and prospects efficiently.Customers and prospects are changing immensely due to social media and it is about time that B2B marketers sit up and take notice. Whatever B2B marketers believed about social media needs to change and it needs to b viewed as the vital tool that it is, that allows brands to connect with customers and prospects efficiently.

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Facebook Page Engagement Custom Audiences
If you are running an Estore and struggling hard to make it big, continue reading it as it is going to benefit you in one or more ways. How does it feel when an application is recently launched and you are the first Read more...
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Companies Can Lose Customers from Poor Service
Leveraging real time communication tools during remote interactions can help avoid or resolve situations causing customers frustration or anxiety, which enhances satisfaction levels....
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Why the Halo Style Engagement Ring is my Favourite Style
While the solitaire is a work of art, modern and moderate decision, I for one feel that the halo engagement ring style enables our clients to make a wistful, stand-out Halo Style Engagement Ring. Therefore, my most loved style is the halo.

When looking for an engagement ring and you hear the term 'halo', it is referring to the little precious stones that are set to outline or make a fringe around an inside stone.

Halo Engagement Rings are impressive, refined and request consi...
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Involve Gamification In Recruiting And Engagement
Improving recruitment, increasing operational efficiency and building skills. All these things requires the element of fun, and we can call it gamification. Involving gamification in recruiting improves employees efficiency and helps in growing business. Isnít interesting and surprising too?

What Is Gamification

Gamification is including fun in work. We are using the word ďGamification,Ē in the context of game playing. It is a growing trend, and research shows that it has the t...
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