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Sanicon Energy Solution
Sanicon Energy Solution in India is the leading turnkey Solution provider for Hot Water Generation and Management.We are also engaged in providing a Turnkey Plumbing Solutions for a building. Entire design, site management, product procurement and complete installation services. No wonder this seemingly easy profession job is quite critical not only for the life and health of the building, but also for the comfort factors for the occupants of the buildings.We have garnered a huge clientele in va...
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Lucintel Analysis: Consumer Electronics and Automotive Segments to Offer Good Growth Opportunities f
The global battery industry witnessed good growth during the past decade and holds immense growth potential for the future. The global market size for batteries is expected to reach $86.6 billion by 2018. The industry is boosted by growing demand of battery in consumer electronic products and automotive vehicles. Growing demand of electric, hybrid electric, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are creating huge growth opportunities for the battery industry. Technological development, increasing ...
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Energy Disaggregation is transforming the way we use energy in our homes. We are looking for talented individuals to join our team and help shape this technology....
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Alarming growth of plastic waste generate demand for energy recovery
Plastics are a part and parcel of our daily modern lives. Inspite of sustainability concerns and efforts by governments and individuals, the amount of waste place produced is an area of concern.
According to estimates around 8% i.e. 134 million tons of plastic exists in Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) worldwide in 2014. This significant growth in plastic waste has placed major environmental concerns for the economies worldwide. Moreover, waste sites for dumping these waste has already reached to...
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Posts about Power Transformers, Power Quality Solutions
Follow Dr. Transformer and Docta Reacta here. Learn how they reduce harmonic distortion, the best low voltage transformer design....
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DIY Green Energy Guides
Pursuing Alternative Types Of Energy Sources. Record high costs at American gas pumps and continued problem brewing in the Middle East,......
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Renewable energy finance, loan, Wind energy finance, Solar, Biofuel energy finance, Green power fund
Renew Energy Finance, Funding available for any green, renewable energy projects. We have successfully funded many green renewable energy projects. Wind power finance, solar power finance, biofuel energy finance...
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About Benefits of a Good Power Energy Audit
Capital City Electrical helps consumers enjoy more home energy savings as reliable electrical engineering services providers with the expertise and tools in reducing unnecessary energy waste....
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Installing Energy Efficient Windows Can Save You Money
Leading energy efficient window manufacturers say that there are a number of tax incentives available for people who make their homes more efficient....
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Six Cylinder Buildings Performance Blog
Six Cylinder is a specialist consultancy in building performance, based in Southwest London. We have a passion for improving the environment and energy performance of buildings, and we love helping design teams achieve their sustainability goals. Our blog brings client and industry news and comments that are of interest to those who are responsible for buildings performance.
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