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The Small Business Huddle
A blog with expert advice, tips, and guides to help you reduce operational costs, increase productivity, and keep your employees engaged and happy....
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Employee Appreciation
Providing tips for managers and employees on employee appreciation, motivation, and self-development....
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SemiSpy Blog
SemiSpy is an independent research and analysis website, where we provide you well researched, authenticated, and reliable information about legal, reputed, and non-scam cell phone spy software programs. We cover all the dimensions relevant to cell phone spy software programs, such as price packages, features, uses, and installation process. We also provide authenticated information about different issues relevant to cell phone monitoring such as parental control, cyberbullying, and employee mon...
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TheOneSpy Blog
TheOneSpy is a friendly, secure and convenient Android application that allows you to access your account anytime, anywhere. With TOS, you can easily monitor your children and employee smartphones and gadgets at any time and from anywhere through your online Navigator app. Whats more, TheOneSpy is packed with data, location and all other monitoring features you would ever need.
THEONESPY core monitoring features include:

- Access all incoming and outgoing calls
- Monitor all inc...
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Corporate Art Workshops – Organize For Better Employee Performance
MSA provides a platform for all the individuals to engage a conclave with intensive discussion and activities involved in the corporate art workshops only. Where you can easily find a way to unwrap your creative side with multiple color of arts. ...
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Bring A New Talent Of Your Employees By Organizing A Corporate Art Workshop
If you want to enhance the creativity and productivity of your employees then you must consider to organize corporate art workshop for all your employees at least once in a quarter. That will help in recreating the productive ideas and thus will help in increasing their productivity at work resulting in a positive effect for your business....
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Thinkers for Life | Online employee engagement, gamified !
Thinkers for Life is our suite of interactive online activities, platforms, and applications that allows you to engage your employees or customers using recreation as the medium. Our extensive basket of offerings will enable you to tailor an engagement plan best suited to the size and nature of your employee or customer base.

Through our offerings, Thinkers for Life helps retain brand awareness in your customer's minds, foster employee wellness within your organization, and t...
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The importance of first aid training for the employees of your company
Care first nursing academy Northern Virginia is an example of a nursing academy which offers its CPR and first aid training at workplaces and other settings for very reasonable rates....
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Enabling Employee Engagement with Pokémon Go
Pokémon Go, the recently launched Augmented Reality (AR) gaming app available on iOS and Android, has become a phenomenon in a very short time! It has elevated player engagement to newer heights, with people going bonkers over finding new characters in all possible corners of the world. With Pokémon Go, users travel/move around (physically walk) to different locations to capture various Pokémons, or retrieve an assortment of items present at pokestops or challenge other users for a quick battle....
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How online expense report software helps traveling employees
Traveling employees have to go through the painful process of preparing tedious expense reports which then take up a lot of processing time. In this post, we’ll see how online expense report software helps these employees make this process simple and fun (almost)....
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