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Sew My Place
Sew My Place is an informative website for all the sewing enthusiasts out there. On our website you will find sewing machine reviews, how-to articles and sewing projects. Visit Sew My Place for all the sewing information you need. ...
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Machine Embroidery Designs
Machine embroidery is what weíre all about at OPW Embroidery Design Gallery. We have 100,000ís of embroidery designs all under one roof, created by professional digitizers with a high standard of quality. We know machine embroidery designs, and we know youíre going to love our instant service. We have embroidery services and supplies available as well. Come and visit us! Youíll be glad you did. ...
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The Green Thread
Artwork & design tips, digitizing basics, investigation of embroidery limits, and how to get the most from your digitizer....
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Beyond the Embroidery Digitizing Desk - Hooping Hacks for Success
As an expert embroidery digitizer who knows his/her software, you can easily go ahead and increase the maximum height of the font and simply change the pattern of the sew out to something more suitable that offers gap-free coverage using the properties tab....
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Embroidery badges
Manufacturers and exporters of quality hand embroidery badges, uniform accessories and all sorts of sports wear...
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Embroidery Digitizing Tips for Terry Cloth
When embroidery digitizing the lettering for terry cloth towels, etc. do make sure to make room for extra compensation and density....
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Stitch Types Used In Embroidery Digitizing
When anyone comes in for a digitizing job, most of the discussion hovers around the probable stitch count and how itís going to affect the final costing of the assignment.
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Partner With Your Embroidery Digitizer to Nail That Family Reunion
Perfect for embroidery as they are made of 100% cotton. Simply consult your embroidery digitizer on what information will look best where, and youíll have a very useful parting gift....
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Embroidery Digitizing
The blog features various articles related to embroidery digitizing and digital art....
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DigitizingNinjas Embroidery Arts Blog
A quality blog on Embroidery Designs and Arts...
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