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Reverse Engineering vs. Reengineering: Understanding the difference
The manufacturing of a product is the result of several processes being accomplished together in a planned fashion. Individually, these processes are often referred to as modules. For business owners, the only way to achieve sustainable growth is when each of these modules is working at its optimum efficiency. However, the challenge is that the industry is growing at a dynamic pace. What was the perfect process, just a few years ago, may end up becoming an outdated module for your business today...
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Lucintel anticipates global PCBs market to grow with a CAGR of 4% over the next five years 2015-2020
The PCBs market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 4% over 2015-2020. The major drivers of the PCBs market are growing demand for 3C applications (communication, computer/peripheral, and consumer electronics), advancement in PCB technologies, and increased demand of aerospace and defense products. Advancement in smart phones, touchscreen tablets, laptops and increasing demand for consumer electronics are expected to drive the PCBs market.
Lucintel, a leading global management consulting and...
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Electronics and communication Internship: Modulate your Career with Pursue Asia
The evolution, rather revolution in terms of development in Electronics and communications devices has left us all amazed, amused and always inquisitive of what may come next. While the people at large are a witness to such rapid development, there are some of us who would like to delve a bit deeper and figure out what goes in making these things work and how to develop something better and more useful to the society. You, as a student of ECE share this bent of mind with other engineers and prof...
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Embedded Electronics Solutions and importance: Expert Global Solutions
A business is all about growth, going to the next stage and making more profits for all the stakeholders. However, what is it that makes a business grow? You may find the question redundant but it still holds a lot of importance. Technology is one of the key components that helps a business grow. New product development is one of the key components that propagates the growth of a business. However, new product development is possible only when it is integrated with technology that helps in accom...
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Expert Global Solutions: Trusted Technology Partner For Companies All Over
Headquartered in Pune, Expert Global Solution is the leading provider of engineering services in India. From strategic consulting to prototype designing, Expert Global Solutions offers an extensive bouquet of services that helps companies add the much needed element of efficiency to their manufacturing processes. The advantages of these services are manifold. For instance, a higher efficiency manufacturing process will allow business owners to develop products faster, reach market in a shorter d...
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Expert Global Solutions: Defining excellence
The pursuit of excellence is endless. You can only savour the journey for reaching the destination is impossible. After all, those who claim to become excellent also end up becoming stagnant as they give up on searching for ways to set new benchmarks. At Expert Global Solutions, the focus is on helping business owners across the globe achieve new milestones by assisting existing processes with state of the art solutions. From strategic consulting to IT solution, Expert Global Solutions is emergi...
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Acrylic Aquarium Cover
We also offer fine quality Acrylic made all cover.The cover part of these boards are made up of aluminum formed acrylic sheet, and the corners are coated with chromium plastics....
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Air Conditioning Service Northern Virginia
Williams and Fogg Heating Air Plumbing And Electrical offers the best air conditioning and hvac repair services in Northern Virginia. Call now at (804) 358-4888....
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Expertgs: Five reasons why your business needs strategic consulting
A business can be built around an existing idea or an innovative concept, either ways, all you need is a market for the products or services that you are offering. However, a business will not survive like this forever. The survival is crucial and clearly dependant on growth. This growth does not come easily. You have to plot and plan to overcome the hurdles and accordingly give the much needed direction to your business. In fact, there are several business owners who tend to overlook the impor...
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Electronics Store in Kolkata -
Fundamental Electronics is the leading electronics store in eastern India having exclusive large format retail outlets in Kolkata. With over 20 years of retail expertise, we are committed to provide the best deals, superior quality products, fast delivery and prompt service to the every customer. We provide customers a unique hassle-free shopping experience with feature rich products backed by latest and cutting edge technology at an attractive price. Avail the convenience of in store shopping f...
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