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Translate your eLearning Courses To Other Languages Very Easily
Make sure you remember the most important points before you start translating your eLearning courses....
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Raptivity - Rapid Interactivity Building Tool: Guide to Good Online Learning
Good online learning is deceptively simple but very engaging with a depth of knowledge that is delivered almost without the learner realising they are absorbing it....
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eLearning Advisory Blog
The eLearning Advisory blog aims to covers a wide range of topics including eLearning, story based, blended, mobile learning, gamification, instructional design, learning management system, e Learning localization and translation, and rapid e-Learning, etc....
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Online Learning Blog
Online learning blog from 24x7 Learning shares the current learning trends in corporate world across the globe....
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Harness the Power of Videos in Interactions
It goes without saying that eLearning courses can be made more engaging using a range of techniques, and using videos can be an effective one. Why effective? Well, who doesn’t like watching videos? In fact, people are consuming videos more than ever due to widespread use of laptops, smartphones and internet availability. Let’s look at some interesting stats about videos and see what makes them so engrossing:
• Forrester Research estimates that one minute of online video equates to approxima...
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Increasing Your Learning and Development ROI Through Offline Learning
eLearning came into existence much before the internet. Initially eLearning was mainly restricted to computer based training (CBT), where the courses/tutorials were delivered to your doorstep or organization, and users could take the courses at their pace and required no internet connection. In a way, this was eLearning in the offline mode. With the penetration of internet and the advancement in network speed, eLearning moved from offline mode to its current state of on-demand interactive learni...
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Eduscoop for Competitive exam
Eduscoop is an educational blog that provides Exam blogs, job posts and skill development blogs. It provide Information about IIT JAM, UGC NET, IBPS, SSC and other competition exams....
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Highlights from Exaltive Speaker Session at FocusOn Learning 2016- Interactive Videos, Video Analyti
Digitization has changed the face of modern learning industry, be it the academic or corporate learning. Video based learning is a key player in delivering constructive and superior learning experiences across all the digital platforms.

Although there is a lot of buzz about video learning, traditional, single track learning fails to capture the viewer attention. It pushes the viewers into passive mode and achieving learner engagement becomes a challenge. Moreover, there are limitations ...
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eNyota Learning
eNyota LMS - Cloud Based Learning Management System - Online LMS. eNyota LMS is a Next Generation Online or Cloud Based LMS built to address the Learning Requirements of the present and the future....
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Cudoo Blog | Languages, Professional Skills & Cultural Posts
This blog is for anyone who enjoys learning and aspires to be more! Discover "re-inventful" learning with Cudoo and enhance your skills in Languages and Professional Development or unravel cultural tips from around the world to help you be more and do more....
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