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Picking an Authoring Tool for HTML eLearning Development
The easy availability of various types of e-learning tools that facilitate the formulation of innovative and effective e-learning courses is beneficial to all instructional designers...
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Developing Learning Objects in a Team
A lot of instructional designers work in a team, but many of them also work independently....
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Podcast – Chandra Clarke, from Inklyo shares her experience of Raptivity
Raptivity is all excited with its 10 years of presence in the eLearning industry and we believe that customers’ success is the backbone or the main reason behind Raptivity’s decade-long presence....
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Education Blogger Blog covers a wide range of topics relating to education such as preschool, primary, secondary, and higher education, colleges, schools, educational curriculum, distance learning, eLearning, mLearning, and other formal and informal education topics, etc....
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Eight Seconds To Online Learner Engagement - Tips and Tricks
How can elearning professionals engage and inspire learners?
Eight seconds to engage your elearners!...
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Embedding Custom Font in an eLearning Course
Embedding a custom font in an eLearning course using CSS helps us develop a course independent of system default font list.
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Microlearning for Performance Support and Convergence of IoT and Mobile Learning
With the globe witnessing a digital revolution, eLearning too has undergone many changes with organizations and educational institutes opening up to the inclusion of technologies to enhance their learning and development efforts.
eLearning has moved from the traditional computer based training to providing knowledge literally in your hand, via mLearning.
These technology infused learning styles have resulted in time saving, greater retention with engagement, improved interactivity and ha...
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BISP is a US Based Training and Consulting Company. We are Subject Matter Experts for DHW and BI technologies.We have rich experience in implementing some of the biggest Data Warehouse Projects in Banking, Finance, Sales and Market Research. The team is lead by Amit Sharma. A well Known name in Hyperion/OBIEE training and consulting with more then 10+ experience in DWH and BI. We assist organizations and individuals to learn and build their career in Data Warehousing technology stack. We have...
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Micro-Learning in Action
We all are learning in life, this phrase has been bolted softly as experiences go by. Be school education or formal training at workplace, humans are forged by this term learning for life. We as learners have the tendency to forget more than half of the content we learn in a day or so of formal training. Keeping this in mind, it becomes crystal clear that even the best training may not result into complete success. Furthermore, well-trained people go back into work environment as they will conti...
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Translate your eLearning Courses To Other Languages Very Easily
Make sure you remember the most important points before you start translating your eLearning courses....
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