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Christopher Shane Photography
Christopher is an Editorial and Commercial photographer based in the southeast. He specializes in Food, Travel and Lifestyle images....
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Freeditorial Blog
This blog is dedicated to provide you with information on e-book collections of famous authors, including Initial Studies in American Letters, The Life of John Ruskin, THE REPUBLIC OF PLATO, The Heathen Chinee, The Benefactress and more. Freeditorial is an online platform where books and articles by well-known writers like Bret Harte, Thomas Moore, Thomas Hardy, John Galsworthy, Edith Wharton, Henry Beers, Mark Twain, and Lucy Maud Montgomery are available for free download....
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Editorial: NZ must think deeply about steel industry
Readers of a contributed article from New Zealand Steel general manager John Nowlan, published in the Herald on Thursday, may have been surprised to learn our trade policy makers are willing to expose domestic industries to imports dumped on this market below their cost of production if the dumping passes a test of public interest. Many might wonder how imports of below-cost steel could possibly be in the public interest if it damages a domestic manufacturer....
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