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Why Do Small E-commerce Businesses Need a Brand?
Branding is needed by a business to make customers aware of the products and services. It helps a business to craft a clear and unique brand identity. With branding, it becomes possible to differentiate yourself from competitors in the crowded e-commerce industry....
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What is eCommerce micro conversion?
A micro conversion refers to a user activity that leads them to the target conversion i.e. purchasing. It provides a picture of the website visitors in terms of what their interests are and where they get stuck during the buying journey. It also helps to track user engagement in other marketing and social channels....
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Bewildered – What to choose – Magento or WordPress for eCommerce?
With the market flushed with a generous number of e-com platforms to

choose from, the decision making becomes all the more harder. And, it

only gets worse with each platform offering numerous functionalities

that are...Read more....
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Launching a Shopify store? 10 Must have apps
Finally the day has come when you have launched your own ecommerce store. You seem to be super excited as you are stepping into the world of making money. But with the launch of your online store come lots and lots of stress. The stress is not because you have launched your store, but it is because you would need to do lots of hard work to get it to the top. Read on.......
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How to use emails effectively in eCommerce?
Many eCommerce companies fail to take the advantage of email marketing, which is a great tool. Emails can be set to be automatically sent to customers based on certains events and customer response.
Some of the automated emails that are a must for eCommerce companies are listed below:

1. Welcome Email

This is the email that is sent to customers who subscribe to email newsletters in the site. The welcome email can be rewarding with gifts, Gift cards, coupon codes or vouchers...
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Which Platform Makes Better Ecommerce Websites: Magento or Woocommerce?
WooCommerce is more specific for smaller eCommerce websites and is especially designed for SMEs. Magento, on the other hand, is more desirable for larger eCommerce websites because of multi-store management functionalities....
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Why your eCommerce Social Branding is important?
Developing a brand name in ecommerce is a necessity so as to improve the customer base constantly and to thrive among the competitors in the market. For ecommerce store branding, businesses go for customer service enhancements, improvements to unique selling points to differentiate certain products from the lot, competitive pricing to grab the opportunity from the contemporary sellers and more....
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What’s Next for Ecommerce in 2016?

Here are three of the biggest e commerce trends in 2016:

Video & Awesome images: Now these days’ people shop online through one sense only, vision.

Specially when customers want product information before buying .Product pictures will not be

enough anymore.You have 8 seconds seize visitors’ attention and experts say it will get even

less. This means that your home page needs to be beautiful and powerful without compromising

on easy navigatio...
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Does Your Retail Business Need an Ecommerce Solution?
Marketing is not the only backbone of your retail business. Sometimes, even a user-friendly designed and well-optimized ecommerce solution can work wonders. Now, buyers want a simplified shopping experience and building an online store is the best way to get started with. It is a common misconception that money-minded people go for ecommerce solution to run a better business.

The question is does your retail business need an ecommerce solution? Yes, it does! In today’s age of internet, ...
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What is the Future of Mobile Commerce?
Mobile Commerce can be called as the M-Commerce which is the combination of the E-commerce and the wireless web and it is completely focusing on the online buying and selling of products and services through mobile devices. In other words, it can be simply said as Online shopping via the convenience of mobile phones and tablets.

What is the Future of Mobile Commerce?
Nowadays, there are increased mobile users and the online shopping is increasing in proportional to this. So, it is ...
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