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Renewable power, green & eco-friendly life
About alternative energy, eco-friendly business, tips for living a green life with renewable energy, electric car and hybrid electric vehicle......
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Green Somethings
The Green Somethings blog talks about green products and services from all over with special focus on India.
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Looking for Venture Capital Partner for Eco-Friendly Technology
Sorbilite, Inc. is the owners of an extraordinary development in the environmental field and like to establish a successful venture to harvest the well-earned fruits for which we like to join with potential partners. ...
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Automatic Paper Cup Making Machine Exporters
FMCG International is a well known automatic paper cup making machine exporters, that is highly demanded by many industries as these machines provide a helping hand in the revolution of using paper cup and many more....
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The Best Eco-Friendly Countertop materials for Kitchen and Bathroom
As the environment is continuously depleting and our natural surroundings are bearing the brunt of human activities, each one of us must make efforts to choose eco-friendly materials and practices whenever possible.
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Opportunities from Agricultural Remnants
To keep our environment green and clean, it is necessary to apply concept of re-usability or recycling with the required resources....
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Canvas Tote Bags | Reusable & Printed Cotton Tote Bags Online in India – GraceIndia.Style
Buy Online Natural Canvas Tote Bags, Eco-Friendly Bags & Latest Collections. Customization on Cotton Tote Bags & Plain Tote Bags @ Low Prices -
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eco-friendly Commercial Pest Control
Pest Services uses an effective and environmentally aware approach to pest management that relies on a combination of common-sense practices. They use current, comprehensive information on the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment in combination with available pest control methods....
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How To Have The Perfect Eco-friendly Wedding
If each of the millions of couples that get married each year made a few simple changes, the impact could be huge for the environment. Going green is easier than you think and often you’ll never even notice the difference from non-green choices....
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Fresh and Eco-Friendly Ideas for Refacing Kitchen Cabinets
People in the western world are becoming increasingly conscious of their relationship to the environment, and that’s good news for Kitchen Solvers franchisees....
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