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MobileComm E-Learning APP By MCPS Inc
MobileComm’s smart e-Learning Mobile Android App. “mMentor” Learn latest technologies, Browse Presentations, White Papers, Training Videos AND GET FREE technical Support from our Subject Matter Expert answering all your questions....
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Negotiation Harmonics
Procurement Business Skills mission is to provide Life Skills for Business and Business Skills for Life through a range of Procurement training tools. ...
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RF training and Technical Support Android App Launch | E-Learning Mentor
Introducing Mobile Android app “mMentor”. mMentor provides Free Unlimited access to Training material, Presentations, White papers, Video Tutorials....
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A Fast Trend of E-learning in Pakistan
Many people are not aware of the actual meaning of e-learning. In reality, there are multiple benefits of E-learning for both novices as well as professionals. Then many people have a concern about distance learning because of its low quality standards. However, in reality, distance learning does not mean a low quality education.
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Here at ZARUS, we provide a range of e-learning services, including virtual learning environment (VLE) setup. Moodle is our top speciality but we work with various platforms, helping you every step of the way with everything from design to content creation, as well as support and consultancy....
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E-Learning Mentor | RF training and Technical Support Android App Launch
MobileComms is proud to announce the Launch of e-Learning Android App "mMentor" a smart way to learn latest technologies....
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E-Learning Interaction Building Tools Comparison
An eLearning course looks incomplete without interactions. No one likes to take a boring page turner course. Interactions help in making the course engaging and collaborative. ...
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MOODLE Customization | E-Learning services | LMS solution
MOODLE Customization & Implementation Services Chennai India. WHBS provides end-to-end E-Learning and educational solutions…
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E-Learning Solutions are best for All
You will require an extensive variety of mastery in your group including content suppliers; content confirmation and interpretation individuals; IT bolster, for example, organizing, e-learning solutions staff and helpdesk. What’s more, you ought to select a test group of onlookers in light of the objective arrangement areas....
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Learning Management System and Its Benefits in E-Learning
In this economic era, however, companies and schools are undertaking cost cutting activities over expenses and operational costs to safeguard their funds and savings, creative and cost effective solutions are required to facilitate teaching. A reasonably priced Learning Management System like the cloud learning management system can help you achieve success....
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