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RanDumb Acts
RANDUMB ACTS is all about the DUMB, funny and strange things that people do. Wether it's politicians, celbrities or just regular folks, we've got the world of DUMB ACTS covered....
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The Rubber Monkey - partner blog with direct link
The Rubber Monkey celebrates stupidity - government stupidity, corporate stupidity or just plain human stupidity. Come on in and see what the elite today's society are up to....
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Dumbledore Quotes
Motivational Quotes of Dumbledore...
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Dumbo Moving NYC Blog
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Dumbo Brooklyn apartments for sale
What you need to know about apartments in Brooklyn Heights...
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best adjustable dumbbells
Are you looking for the best adjustable dumbbells? Look no more. Click here to read our comprehensive guide now to learn how to choose the best one.
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