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Orange and Black Hat - Posh Puppy Boutique
This fun little orange, black, and white striped, handmade knit hat comes in two sizes. Each hat comes with comfortable openings for your pup's ears, and securely ties under the chin with super cute and colorful braids. ...
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Dog Training Kingdom
This is a website that offers some good and useful resources for people that have dogs. For example it's pretty important to raise a puppy successfully, so you can live with it with pleasure. Many people have problems with training their dogs......
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Designer Dog Clothes
These days there are many beautiful designer clothing options available for dogs. Whether you wish to get a party dress, formal tuxedo, polo shirt, or sweater, the options are almost limitless!...
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Sarah Whitehead's Blog
I’m Sarah Whitehead, and my working life (and most of my home life too!) is dedicated to dogs and cats – their behaviour, training, and our relationships with them...
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lovepugpuppies's Likes |
A growing stream of pug puppy videos....
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10 Largest Dog Breeds -
10 Largest Dog Breeds -
1. Great Dane

Number one on our list couldn’t be anything but the famous and recognizable Great Dane. The most recognizable Great Dane of all time perhaps being the animated Scooby Doo. Like the previously mentioned Zeus, Great Danes can grow to be frighteningly tall.With average Great Dane’s measuring about 100 centimeters (40 inches) and weighing up to 54 kilograms (120 pounds). They also have some of the most unique coats of any dogs, with s...
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Love Pug Puppies
Videos showing why pugs puppies are such an attraction....
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Luxury Dog Collars
Bringing the most up to date information on the hottest luxury dog collars on the market today....
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Having Fun With Dog Costumes
Dog costumes can be a lot of fun for both you and your dog, and can be a great way of including your beloved pet in a range of fun activities like parties, Halloween, Christmas, family photos, etc....
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Melbourne Dogging Hotspots
Go Dogging in Melbourne we love Dogging so will you....
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