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Kerry Documentary Wedding Photographer Bartek Witek
News and updates from personal and professional life of Bartek Witek - Kerry, Ireland based Documentary Wedding Photographer available for weddings in Ireland, UK and internationally. Blog is written in two languages at the same time in english and polish....
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Documentary Stream
Watch fascinating documentary films online....
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Vixeoz documentary blog is all about documentaries: how they're made, what they're about, why we love them....
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Malaria Documentary Africa Trip by Anne Cocklin | DC Video Production
It must have seemed pretty strange to see us with all our HD camera gear in the primitive places we went to. Despite the traffic hazards, everyone carries goods for sale on their heads, balancing buckets, platters, etc . while dodging traffic. Cars seem to have the right of way over pedestrians, they have to weave and dodge to get out of the way and don’t seem to mind it. The drivers are really crazy; it’s incredibly stressful to be constantly in a free for all and continually playing chicken on...
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DC Camera Crew Filmed Nat Geo Documentary | Cocklins Digital
Late last summer National Geographic TV hired my wife Anne and I owners of a Washington, DC Video Production company, Cocklins Digital, to shoot an Ultimate Factories documentary. The subject was Bentley Motor Cars and the handmade craftsmanship that goes into every one of their cars. We focused on the Mulsanne model with a starting price of around $265,000. Cameras used in the filming of the Mulsanne were the Varicam, Canon 5D Mark II, Sony EX 3, and 2 Go Pro cameras with waterproof housings. ...
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New Beyonce and Destiny's Child Documentary
Dousic Media Group and Dousic Film & Television (affiliates of Dousic Entertainment LLC), in association with Tillman Music Group, and The Andretta Tillman Estate, are proud to announce the start of production on A Child of Destiny, a new documentary about the life of Andretta Tillman and her creation of Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child....
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Watch free documentary
Watch free documentary movies online with Documentary Films Channel. Find the best and most popular documentaries streaming online about people, animals, paranormals, ......
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