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The Home Expert Blog
The blog focusses on home decor topics like interior and exterior decoration, tips for selecting rustic furniture such as rustic tables and chairs and indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures....
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How to select canvas paintings for bedroom
These are some of the compliments that we love to hear for the paintings we have painstakingly selected for the walls of our home. Artworks add a finishing touch to our space. They are used to set mood, add an accent or simply because we like it. But, to garner such praises, we have to be quite selective of the wall colour, room ethos, lighting of the room and many other such factors. Thus, many of the home makers often end up seeking advice of a specialist for this purpose....
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Present Interior Decoration Scenario in Chandigarh
We creates the canvas for the artist or the interior decorator that is in charge of deciding the color of the walls, how the residentís mood will be affected by it or the furniture required....
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Childhood is all about fun and play. Toys, colourful books & images attract the small minds of our tiny tots very quickly. Vibrant colours fill the world around them. Little pats on the toyís head, small toes that run around the room, silence breaking cries fill up the atmosphere of the house. And, to keep them busy parents have to work hard so that those little mischiefs bring fun to everyone involved....
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Festivals in India are colorful and vibrant. Rangoli is one of the most colorful, pleasant and beautiful art forms of India. It is the art of making designs and patterns on the floor and then filling them with powdered colors or flowers. Rangoli is considered divine and is a symbol of spirituality. ...
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Blog Detail > Category: Home > Hits: 7 > Date Added: 17-10-2017 - Handcrafted with love in Europe
Small artisan workshop located in Romania, Europe. Our motto is: Handcrafted with love in Romania!
We craft unique home decoration items and perfect gift ideas: pebble art, wall frames, home decoration, holiday decoration, wood decoration, stone decoration handmade items. Special handmade items for your home.
We also craft paper cards for any occasion: handmade birthday cards, holiday cards, Christmas cards, invitation or any type of handcrafted stationery items....
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Tips to make your Kidís room Santa Themed
Santa Clause is more than a character from the folklores, for the kids. He is a bringer of gifts, one who will fulfill their desires....
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