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Death of Eva
A journey of being emotionally and mentally abused and life lessons I learned. My journey involves surviving an abusive mother and sister and a family full of lies, secrets and murder. My mission is to help others to heal and to bring understanding to the effects of mental and emotional abuse on a child’s developing mind by giving a raw and honest account of my life as I fought to heal my mind and recreate myself....
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Death's Blog - partner blog with direct link
The only official blog of the Grim Reaper himself. Follow Death in his daily activities. ...
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Urns of America Blog - partner blog with direct link
Urns of America is an online provider of cremation urns. Our blog is dedicated to discussing topics related to the funeral industry, including funeral practices, funeral regulations, consumer protection and rights, discussions about death, dying and grief, emerging trends in cremation, and cremation urns as well as other cremation products....
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Skeptiko - Science at the Tipping Point is the #1 podcast covering the science of human consciousness. We cover: Near-death experience science, Parapsychology, Consciousness research, Spirituality, and Skepticism....
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Death By Taxes Blog provides information about the benefits of tax planning, Research and Development tax credit, steps to file your personal and business income tax returns and various tax tips for individuals and businesses....
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Wrongful Death RSS
All articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, etc that have to do with wrongful death...
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Cumin Seeds India – Treats Everything Except Death! (Cumin Seeds India)
Most humble and universal seeds with immense capabilities, purifying blood, stimulating growth of Beta cells, good for diabetic patients and plenty of other benefits you can imagine....
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Anton Yelchin and the Wrongful Death Case Against Fiat
Robert Ryan of Kuzyk Law recently spoke with distinct radio hosts concerning the wrongful loss of life lawsuit added in opposition to Fiat-Chrysler by the dad and mom of late actor Anton Yelchin.
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Wrongful Death Cases Against Governments
Mark Leonardo of Kuzyk law and the “On the brink” morning show hosts discuss the seriousness of a legal suit related to wrongful loss of life due to town employees along with cops. They talk the unique case of Mharloun Saycon in lengthy seashore.
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The Platform Economy and the Death of Employer/Employee Paradigm in the Digital Age
With the proliferation of connectivity, the measure of “an hourly wage” has become irrelevant. If a business can’t afford the national average for a particular task, the employer can simply go online, and find an equivalent skill set in a less developed economy with lower hourly wages.
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