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EEC Data Center Blog
The EEC data center solutions blog is a place to is to promote an open exchange of ideas, questions and recommendations relating to data center and other mission critical facility infrastructure.
We will discuss best practices and trends relating to the physical infrastructure in critical environments like data centers and server rooms; including power, cooling, fire protection, equipment layout, preventive and proactive maintenance, energy management solutions and more.
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Migrating your datacenter - These tips could be handy Netmagic
Nobody ever said datacenter migration was easy. Although moving mission critical systems and communications equipment from one site to another is no simple task, it needs to be an overwhelming one. Read More on Colocation....
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IT Videos - datacenter, cloud, mobility, security, and virtualization
In 3-5 minutes you can learn something new from the top IT solutions in IT today!...
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The best prices on data center colocation and crypto mining hosting for your bitcoin mining rigs with GPU or ASIC miners....
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Datacenter Virtualization - The Benefits! Netmagic
Datacenter virtualization has several benefits from reduced costs to increased agility along with a well-managed IT infrastructure. Check out the list of advantages of virtualization here!...
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CtrlS Rolls Out Content Delivery Network Services
Designed to address the premium needs of large enterprises, e-commerce and media organizations to improve performance and response times for intranet, extranet web-based applications

CtrlS Datacenters, a tier-4 data center provider, announced that its releasing India's first state-of-the-art Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, aimed at delivering both static and dynamic content (software, video, games and other objects) across the globe through its 170 points of presence (PoPs) spr...
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Put Your Datacenter on a Diet Plan - Reduce Energy Consumption Netmagic
Put your data center on a diet plan. Datacenter providers can reduce energy consumption of their datacenters with improved storage management practices. More from Netmagic....
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Datacenter Trends in 2015 Netmagic
Emerging technologies and disruptive business strategies are reshaping the very fabric of the datacenter. This article from Netmagic highlights 7 technology trends shaping the next gen DC Datacenter in 2015....
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Netmagic wins Frost & Sullivan ICT Award 2016 Netmagic
Netmagic & cloud technology sophistication, market leadership, and new technologies application has enabled it to win the award for the Cloud (IaaS) provider of the year at the Frost & Sullivan India ICT Award 2016....
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Best practices to improve data center efficiency, performance and availability Netmagic
Know the practices adopted to improve data center efficiency, performance and availability. Netmagic suggests outsourcing as the best option. Read Here!...
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