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Five Kapture CRM service Tools and Features that enables you to serve your Customers Better - Kaptur
Five Kapture CRM service Tools and Features that enables you to serve your Customers Better - Kapture CRM
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4 Types of Customers & How to deal with them
How to Embrace Complaint and Keep Your Customers, Jay Baer makes a compelling case of how all customers are important to the growth of a company....
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Mobile Application Testing Services That Will Win You Customers!
Have you been looking for mobile application testing services that can help you gain more customers? “Slow”, “too many frequent updates”, “eats too much of space”, are not the reviews that an organization wishes to see for its app on an app store. Especially, if you are looking at the global marketplace, your app needs to address varying customer needs depending on their demographical and geographical characteristics. How can you then ensure that you get the most suitable mobile application test...
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Know The Essentials Of Managing Customers’ Issues By Learning SAP CRM Online
SAP CRM is one of the important SAP modules that is used for managing customer relationships. Implementation of SAP CRM provides better information analysis and helps the businesses in understanding their clients in an improved manner....
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Most of the companies have no issues, while generating leads and prospects. But the major issue starts with is converting those leads and prospects in customers, buyers and clients.

The following proven mythologies can help you covert leads and prospects into customers.
Timely Follow-Up:

According to a Lead Response Management study, the magic number here is five minutes. A five-minute lead response means youre four times more likely to qualify that lead than after a 10-min...
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From Snow White to Moana – How to Evolve Products with Customers
Moana, Disney’s latest princess movie, is being hailed as a sign that Disney has finally caught up with the times. Unlike Snow White, Cinderella, and other traditional princesses, the brave and athletic Moana is, in every sense, ‘real’ and truly modern.

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BIG DATA & CRM | Woo your Customers with the Right Analytics Tool
When we say CRM, people immediately think of customer services and support, a random executive making calls, earning brownie points with the customers, selling them sweet deals or loyalty discounts. ...
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Banking Sector 2017: Customers to take more control of their financial relationships
With digital banking driving customer financial transactions, banks must also respond with robust online human based solutions for high quality customer support....
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5 Ways To Be There For Your Customers - An A2P Text Messaging Guide

With targeted A2P Messaging , you can get directly involved with your customers and build nurturing business relationships that last long. It is simple to put into action, and a timely application can ensure long-term brand loyalty.

At Broadnet, we are consistently consulting our clients with better ways and strategies to string better ...

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Queue Ticket System Manage the Que of Customers
Imagine you have visited an organization where the counter area is fully equipped with frustrated customers waiting for their turn to come because of the heavy rush. So will you ever visit such kind of places again? Well, the answer is no, as nobody would like to wait in today’s era when there are better options for its replacements. If the organizations will adopt smooth technologies to manage the heavy flow of customers in an adequate manner, this will help them in maintaining happy and satisf...
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