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eSalesTrack - CRM Customer Relationship Management
This blog site provides latest information and trends in Customer Relationship Managment services and practices. Here you can find detailed reviews of customer relationship management of CRM products and services. Esalestrack has long been in this CRM and knows every pro ans corns of this industry. We believe that our blog site will be every informational for all who look for CRM services and CRM information. ...
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Rantings of a Customer Service Rep - partner blog with direct link
When I can't deal with my customer service tech support job, I blog about it. The calls are much funnier looking back on them than they are at the time. I also love to hear others' job rants. Misery loves company....
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Customer Complaints Blog
A Toronto based blog dedicated to expressing complaints arising form interactions with businesses and organizations in Canada and the United States....
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CRM-Customer Relationship Management
Provides comprehensive information on CRM(Customer Relationship Management). ...
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Enterprise Feedback Management
Discover unparalleled business market research with enterprise feedback management software and services....
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chez moi
Chez Moi (shay mwaa, exp): meaning at my house. Welcome to Chez Moi. In Chez Moi, we offer a wide range of products ranging from fashion to appliances, toys, arts and crafts to books. These are daily items that you want and need; where you can find in a home; hence the name Chez Moi. In Chez Moi, everyone is important to us, whether you are our customer or just dropping by. We don’t hope just to make sales. Chez Moi aims to create the ultimate shopping experience for you. Drop by our website r...
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Electric Customer Choice Program
Now you can receive your Supply from North American Power and save $100 - $650+/yr. It takes just 2 minutes to start....
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Different Keywords for Different Customers - Sales Renewal Corporation
The right keywords are key to good SEO rankings, and good SEO rankings are key to increasing awareness of your services and products - and eventually sales - from the web. Nothing earthshaking there. Now, if you want dissension, get three marketers in room and ask them how to choose the best keywords. ...
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5 easy ways to enhance your store’s customer service
Store managers are constantly endeavoring to offer unique services and checkout experiences to their customers. With customers having easy and worldwide access to numerous products and services these days, retailers are now competing at a global level, and not just with shops in their local area.
You don’t want the merchandise to be the only driving force to bring shoppers to your store. What you really want is your customer to return for an exceptional service. Creating that experience isn’...
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Blog – Business Texting Solution Improved Customer Relation and Satisfaction Ratio
As per the available statistics, 64 - 80% people prefer to receive text message aka SMS over phone calls and emails. In fact, 90% text messages are read within 3-5 minutes of its receipt compared to an email which get opened by 22% rate within the stated time limit. These statistics show the text messaging is so important for any business to stay in touch with the consumers. The SMS solution for business can be used for a variety of reasons such as:
• To send alerts or notifications
• To...
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