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Medical Marijuana News and Cannabis Culture Media
Contribute medical marijuana news and cannabis culture articles and 420 friendly media...
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Anthony's Blog - partner blog with direct link
I tackle a wide range of issues in my blog. In each case, I strive to provide readers with my honest views on the chosen topic. In order to achieve this result, most of my posts are either unedited or only lightly reviewed (ie. for spelling or grammatical errors). Please refer to my "About My Blog-My First Post" for a more in depth discussion of my blog's mission, vision, and values....
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Ifelicious Thoughts
News, features, and commentary on topics in pop culture, entertainment, emerging artists, indpendent film, reality television, music, and fashion. Some posts are geared toward women's issues, lgbt, and human rights....
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Leo Adam Biga's Blog
My blog features samples of my award-winning long-form journalism. The articles are about a diverse array of subjects. Many of the stories portray people's passion and magnificent obsession. In most cases, the stories, or versions of them, have appeared in print at some point in time. Because these are rather timeless stories, there should always be an audience for them. In some cases, the stories are being published for the first time with their posting on the blog site.

The maj...
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PopSense - partner blog with direct link provides a unique take on the world of popular culture; with new posts 5-9 times a day, we write long-form comedic cultural articles, shorter music reviews of independent artists, lots of daily features that mix our fresh brand of humor with current events, as well as original videos, music of our own, the occasional webcomic and essentially all things that fit under the umbrellas of Music, Culture, and Entertainment. ...
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Explore India-Country of Culture & Natural Beauty
A blog made for those who appreciate and enjoys natural beauty of India.A phenomenol country with differnet culture and communities making all together and binding together in one rope of unity - India....
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Colchones Aznar
Colchones Aznar es líder del sector del descanso en Aragón. Teléfono de contacto 976-505-551. Sólo trabajamos con primeras marcas en equipos de descanso (pikolin, relax, culturebed, bedline, pardo, y muchas otras)...
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Entrepreneurs Creative Edge
William Reed provides insights and tools for Entrepreneurs seeking a Creative Edge. Themes of Mastery in Japanese culture will improve your personal branding, energy, awareness.
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My Planet Philippines - partner blog with direct link
myPlanetPhilippines is a blog about the Philippines itself, its beauty and grandeur, the life of the Filipino people and why it is called the Pearl of the Orient Seas....
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MaggieCakes - a social media culture blog
MaggieCakes is a social media culture blog, covering social media trends and happenings. Specifically, it discusses the ways that technology is changing how we interact with and connect with each other, particularly through digital storytelling and building our own personal narratives and brands. Through social media, we’re all writing and publishing our own autobiographies, whether we know it or not.

MaggieCakes covers the positive and negative impacts that social media is having...
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