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Indian Handmade Softfurnishings
Decorative Pillows :

Cushion is now playing very important role in home decoration. Earlier, it was used only for supports to back, neck & head of ourselves in sofa, but now-a-days, it is also used in small sizes in our bedroom.

There are various types of cushions are available in the market, from different kinds of hand embroidery to machine made cushions as per market requirements. In India, handmade cushions such as crosia work, chicken work of Lucknow, handwork of Gujara...
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Varieties of Decorative Metal Handicrafts
Choosing the good quality of metal handicraft for home decoration is not very easy task on several time. So online stores are perfect place for purchasing decorative metal handicraft.Get here some suggestions of how and where you get beautiful metal handicrafts....
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Buy 100% Original and Authenticated Arts - Paintings Online, Handicrafts and Antiques on Artzyme. We
Buy 100% Original and Authenticated Arts - Paintings Online, Handicrafts and Antiques on Artzyme. We catalyze creations from Multicultural Urban and Rural India for You.
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ActiviDIY - Woodworking | Crafts | Plans | Videos | Awesomeness
DIY blog for woodworking plans, crafts and videos. Create your own shabby chic, farmhouse, & rustic decor with our how-to instructional guides....
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DIY Crafts and Arts Tutorials, Fashion & Health Magazine
StylEnrich is an online magazine of DIY tutorials, fashion and beauty tips and health advice. We have numerous articles and video that guide you on fitness, beauty, make up and lifestyle....
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Videos and pictures about Romanian crafts, traditional weaving, embroidery, carving and leather crafts by talented artisans....
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India - A Home of Beautiful Handicrafts
The unique culture of Indian is more varied and beautiful, likewise the Handicrafts of Indian is rich in its heritage. The crafts of India is popular since the ancient times, handicrafts are made in different states of India according to their traditions and culture. The climatic conditions and the availability of different materials in different parts of the country adds more variety in Indian handicrafts.

Find wide availability of Indian handicrafts at a unique platform...
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Wooden Handicrafts: An Important part of Indian Culture
When it comes to Art and Culture, India is the leading and very rich country in Traditional wooden Handicraft. The people of India are very dedicated towards creating high quality of handicrafts. You can find variation of handicraft products presented in the Indian market that has received enormous popularity in the global market as well. These handicrafts signify the traditions and cultures of Indian. They are used as an important means of the country’s rich heritage, culture and traditional ar...
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Exclusive Selection of Brass Handicrafts | Utsavkraft
Ultimately the Indian Handicrafts are some attractive and eye-catching items that are prepared by hand or some basic tools. There is huge Indian market of wooden handicrafts, iron handicrafts and many more. This Indian handicrafts tradition has given importance to religious faith as well as local demand. Handicrafts has helped for domestics as well as foreign trade that caused, the import export business of these handicrafts is getting popularity. In the history of India, you can find the Indus ...
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CraftsBazaar - Assimilate Culture and Timeless Art Paintings
Acrylic Painting
Had the European and Indian Grand Masters known about Acrylic paints a few hundred years ago, they would have perhaps preferred this as a medium to Oil paint. Its ease of use in mixing and its quick-drying feature, makes it suitable for the fast-paced world and times we live in where even hobbies need to work to the general scarcity of Time. Indian artists are using acrylic as a medium on several bases although canvas remains the clear favourite.
Water Color Painting
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