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Not Just Communication, But Effective Communication Is Important In Office
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Free publications about information technology and digital communication.
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Pebble Time, Twilio and the Importance of Voice Communication
Smartwatches will account for 59% of total wearable device shipments in 2015, and they will command to just over 70% of shipments by 2019, says a recent BI Intelligence report. Now that Google and Apple are in this market space, you can be rest assured that voice messaging could potentially be the strongest feature for any wearable devices. In other words, can we say voice communication will become more mainstream than ever?
Kickstarter witnessed the recent launch of Pebble Time, a third gen...
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Telephony for the next century...
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How to Future Proof your Security System | Communication Systems Nowra
 If you check what’s available in the market, you will find there really is an expansive range of security solutions to choose from, in varying price ranges. In many ways, this wide choice makes the decision more difficult. It’s probably why many people settle for devices that have the most advanced technology.
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Top communication secrets for keeping your man interested in you
Listen truly - One of the first communication secrets which will help you in keeping your man interested is to listen patiently and truly....
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How Smart Lighting Works | Allround Electrical
The time is ripe for a change that come in the form of smart lighting. Here's how smart lighting works and the different types that you can use.
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Communication Skills Classes in West Delhi
Learn how to improve your communication with these English skills resources, Effective communication is much more than being able to talk it is also the ...
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Pebble Time and Voice Communication with Twilio
Pebble recently launched “Pebble Time“, their newest addition to their smart watch range. Pebble time has many new enhancements, features and functionalities:
Always on color e paper display
Increased battery life of 7 days
Newer ergonomic design
A new timeline interface
But the most interesting functionality, one can say is designed into the chassis itself- A Microphone.This new feature can be used to send voice notes, reply to notifications, take a call, patient feedback…th...
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Training and Development | FacilitatorU
Faciliation skills, courses, articles, and other resources to support adult training and development....
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